Monday, 19 July 2010

Julie & Julia

This is my first movie monday, I hope you like it!

Name: Julie & Julia
 The Plot:

Aspiring writer, Julie Powell, has never finished anything. Her and her husband's life is not looking great. They live above a tacky pizzeria and neither have very satisfying jobs. But when she finds Julia Childs cook book in her kitchen, she decides to write a blog about her cooking her way through the book. The other part of the film is Julia Child moving to france, and finding her love of cooking. The film compares the two stories of these two women.

The Review:

I really liked this film, I thought it was great fun watching all of the recipes being cooked as well as the two stories being compared. Meryl Streeps preformance really impressed me, as i am not always her biggest fan. She was in her element with that character, and she definately deserved the oscar nomination she recived. She and Stanley Tucci work very well as a couple.

The two plots worked well. It helped that the two main characters never physically interact because if they did the way that they split the time of the movie would not make sense. Amy adams, as always, was very sweet in her role as Julie.

I would rate this film:
4/5 stars.

I hope this review helped you!


Libby said...

I agree mainly with this review. Previously I had only seen Amy Adams in Enchanted; it was nice to see her play a very different character and I love her hair in this film too!

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