Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Such a busy life...

I lead such a busy life. Not only do i have a blog, i also do a lot of extra curricular activities! I am going on holiday to Greece in around a week so i have a lot to think about, like what books i want to take (not to mention films!), clothes and all that jazz.  School life is always busy at this time of year, especially with leaving your old teachers behind. There is one humanities teacher Mr... lets call him Mr A. he thinks that i have:
  • Lost half of my brain cells when i had my hair cut (see Sampson and Delilah),
  • Given him yawning sickness,
  • A strange urge to do hand gestures with everthing i say (he may be right about that one!)
I think i may have to write a filmscript with him in it one day, there are a few class mates i could put in it as well! I digress. I am also into taking pictures and picture stories as well, but movie reviews come first.

Keep your eyes out for that filmscript on this blog in the near future!



Libby said...

Sounds like a crazy teacher! We've got a bunch of manic teachers here, but some good ones too.

Gabrielle said...

Just wanted to let you know that if you want to join the blog Rant Once or Twice (www.rantonceortwice.blogspot.com) you should send an e-mail to May at
rantonceortwice (at) gmail.com
and tell her you want to join! She may ask you for a sample rant, just so you know. :)

-Gabrielle (A contributor to Rant Once or Twice.)

Gabrielle said...

I'm following!
(Hope you have a great holiday!)

Alicia Conway said...

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