Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Ever Present George Brent.

Is it just me, or have you ever realized that most of George Brent's career was spent supporting Bette Davis in her Woman's Pictures? He was actually in 11 of her films! They do work well as a sort of forties Hollywood couple. It is said that during the filming of Front Page Woman (which I have never seen.) they were deeply in love and were in a serious love affair for one year, although neither of them have ever confirmed the rumors.  At the time of the said affair, Bette was married to Harmon Nelson, a trumpet player who she had met at school. It is also rumored that during the filming of Dangerous, for which she won an Oscar, she was having an affair with her costar Franchot Tone. He was married to Joan Crawford at the time, and it seems that the friction between the two stars had started long before filming Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?. I digress. I think that even if he never did anything else, costarring with Bette Davis in films couldn't have been such a hardship. Or could it?

Bette and George


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