Monday, 23 August 2010


Charles Boyer, you officially creep me out. I have now seen two of his movies (All This And Heaven Too, and Gaslight), and in each one he has given me the bejeebies. I think it must be something about his eyes, they lower down far too low, but he is still able to see? Anyway, I got over my bejeebied out state enough to write this post. Good Thing!


When an opera singer is murdered, her niece, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) who has been brought up by her is taken to Italy to train with the school that tought her aunt. There, she falls in love with her pianist called Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer) and gives up her training to marry him. He Insists that they move to London into the house that Paula inherited from her aunt, number 9 Thornton Square. On the first day they move in, Paula is looking through one of her aunt's old music books and she finds an old letter written to the opera singer two days before her murder. The letter is signed Sergius Bauer but before she gets a chance to read the rest of the letter, Gregory snatches it away from her violently, later using the excuse that he was upset by his wife's scared rection to moving into the house. He then tries to convince her that she is "Ill in her head," and that she is constantly forgetting things. When she starts to hear footsteps above her and her gaslight dimming at the same time every night, she asumes she is going mad. But is she?

The Review:
I loved this film, even if it was a bit disturbing. Ingrid Bergman actually went to an asylum to see how mentally ill women move their eyes, it certainly showed in her performance. I thought she was amazing, and it is definately my favourite Ingred performance so far. Charles Boyer definitely works as the cold and sinister husband of Paula. If there was anything bad to say about his performance is that it was a little too good and it really freaked me out! As usual with all of these fab film noirs, the directing was great, and so was Angela Lansbury in her movie debut.

Academy award for best actress - Ingrid Bergman
Academy Award for art direction - Cedric Gibbons



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