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This post was going to be a review about Born Yesteday, but all I can say about it is that it is quite slow, has not got a very good plot, and that Judy Holiday's performance as a dumb turned mildly intelligent blond should not have won the best actress award instead of Bette Davis as Margo Channing in All About Eve!

Name: Jezebel

Bette Davis as Julie Marsden
George Brent  as Buck Cantrell
Henry Fonda as Preston Dillard

Spoilt and strong willed, New Orleans woman Julie Marsden is engaged to wealthy banker Preston (or "Pres") Dillard. When he refuses to break up a board meeting to accompany her to buy a dress for a ball they are attending that night, she rebelliously buys a low cut red dress. At the time in New Orleans all unmarried women were supposed to wear white to dances and balls. After warning her not to wear the dress, when he goes to collect her she is defiantly wearing the dress. Instead of scolding her or punishing her, he takes her to the ball where she is greeted by many surprised and dissaproving faces. The relationship ends that night when he takes her home after realising that she is untamable. After a long trip north for his work, he returns home. Julie has spent the past year he has been away dreaming of his return. When he arrives at Julie's house for a welcome home party, she is greeted with an unwelcome surprise.

The Review:
I loved this film and i think that Bette Davis' performance is just outstanding, and Henry Fonda is very believable in the role opposite her. The plot is very interesting and moving, and Julie's character is written in a way that makes you feel sorry for her in some scenes, and hate her in others. The costume design is just amazing. All of the period costumes are just beautifull. It is all in all, a very good film.

Awards Won:
Bette Davis - Academy Award for Best Actress
Fay Bainter - Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
Venice Film Festival: Special Recommendation for its overall artistic contribution - William Wyler

~Jezebel was said to have been offered to Bette Davis because she did not get the part of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.


~ Bette


Whitney said...

Nice review! I think Jezebel was suppose to be a Gone with the Wind like film (an imitation but never the original).

Also, I think Bette Davis would have won Best Actress if Anne Baxter had not been in the same category. Anne would have been in Best Supporting Actress, but greed tends to get in the way. Anyway, I thing Bette Davis was robbed.

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