Saturday, 21 August 2010

Jimmy Stewart's War Uniform

My Grandpa is staying with us this weekend, and we decided to take him to the war museum near our house. Little did I know that it would end up having a classic movie-ish link.

The great actor and airman James Stewart, was born in Pennsylvania in 1908 (the same year as Bette davis), and in 1941 he joined the US airforce. As I was browsing around the American soldiers in England section of one of the hangers, what did I find? I'll tell you what I found, JIMMY STEWART'S AIRFORCE UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!! And as usual I had forgotten something and this time it was my camera. So I didn't take this photo. But I hope you found it interesting to know this, just think; if he had died there never would have been any Rear Window, or Virtigo as we know them.



SabrinaFairchild said...

Jimmy Stewart is my favourite actor of all time. And he seemed like such a nice and gentle man :)

Tom said...

Where is this? Is this at the Air Force museum in Ohio? I've always wanted to go there!

Bette said...

I didn't see it in Ohio. I don't know where this is because like I said it's not my photo. I think that it's travelled around a bit though, it's pretty cool to see. He had such long arms!


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