Friday, 20 August 2010


Is there anything better than watching a Hitchcock movie just before you go to bed? I have made that mistake many times before. The first time I saw Rear Window, it finished at 11:30pm. Not a particularly good idea. But Notorious just enthralled me rather than scared the wits out of me.


Top Billed Cast:
Alicia Huberman (Ingred Bergman) is he daughter of a nazi spy who has been sent to prison after being found guilty of treason to the country of The United States Of America. Soon after her father's imprisonment, she is recruited by Devlin (Cary Grant), a goverment agent, to infultrate a group of Nazis who have moved to Brazil after WWII. One of the Nazis in the group used to be a boyfriend of Alicias, and she is asked to seduce him to find out more about his group.

The Review:
This is not one of Hitchcock's most violent and scary films, but that doesn't mean that it is less fantastic. Ingrid Bergman gives an amazing performance as a wild party girl who finds love with her fellow goverment agent. Not wanting to spoil the plot for anyone who has not seen it, she does have some pretty amazing scenes later on in the film. Hitchcock has yet again amazed me with his ability to tell more from his camera shots than with some of the dialouge. This is a sort of North By Northwest cross Rebecca story, and it is definately one of his most suspenseful films.

Notorious did not win any Oscars, but was nominated for two.
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Ingrid and Cary


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