Saturday, 14 August 2010

"Remind me to tell you about the time i looked into the heart of an artichoke!"

Although this quote from All About Eve has not got very much to do with this post at all, It does have a theme of reminiscence about it, and it is just so fabulous i could not resist.

With all the buzz at the moment about The Wizard Of Oz , with Andrew Loyd Webber putting on a West End production of it, it reminded me that it is the first classic movie that I think I ever saw. I used to call it The Wizzeee Of Ouzz (bear in mind that i was only 2 then). I used to recite bits of it to my parents in our old apartment, like "I'll fight you with  one hand tied behind my back!" I love this film, and it is so uplifting, I just wanted to encourage anyone who owns this film to watch it as soon as possible!



Libby said...

We put this on as 'goodbye' play before moving on to Secondary school. Having practised Follow The Yellow Brick umpteen times, quite frankly I'd like to put that blinking avenue in its place. But the film is really good, as is Wicked...

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