Saturday, 28 August 2010


Yesterday I watched Spellbound, and found it very interesting. I loved the Salvador Dali dream sequence. can anyone tell me where Hitchcock is in this film? because I thought he was the masked man in the dream? Well I don't know. He is usually in a phonebox or something.


Dr. Peterson has been branded by her fellow psychoanalysts as beutiful but cold, and many of the male doctors have tried to make her more "emotionally aware".  When the head of their mental home is forced into retirement after a long leave of absence due to over working, he is replaced by the young Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards is immediately drawn to Dr. Peterson, and her to him. Whilst getting to know him better Dr. Peterson notices that he has a strange phobia of black parallel lines on a white background. In a moment of panic, he confesses to her that he is not the real Dr. Edwards, and she tries to find out what happened to Dr. Edwards as well as trying to cure his imposter.

The Review:
I watched this with my little sister who is 8, and she would probably have different views on this than I do, as it really freaked her out! As always, Gregory and Ingrid are absolutely fantabulous as the unlikely couple. In some parts the film was quite hard to keep up with, but that is often a problem with stolen identity stories. There is an amazing dream sequence that was designed by Salvador Dali, with lots of amazing curtains and props. And as for Alfred Hitchcock's directing, to quote Eve Harrington "Everything clever and witty has long since been said," he just never ceases to amaze me.

It received an academy award for best scoring of a dramatic or comedy picture Academy Award. It was also nominated for 5 others.




Manish said...

Hey, cool review. Spellbound has emerged as one my favorite Hitchcock films.

Hitchcock is in the hotel scene--you can see him getting out of the elevator.

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