Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer Lovin'!

    There are some films that you remember forever, whether you have a special emotional attachment to them, or they are just downright amazing. If you are anything like me and appreciate and love films, some films have probably had a large impact on your life.  Since I am still in my childhood myself, I cannot honestly say which film has had the biggest effect on my entire childhood, but I can say which ones have meant the most to me so far.

         The first old film I ever remember being shown was probably The Wizard Of Oz when I was two. I remember dancing around our old apartment screaming “I’ll fight you with one hand behind my back!” And whenever there was a spare moment when it wasn’t on I would be telling my mum to “Put on the Wizzee Of Ouzz!!!”  The scene with the monkeys where they all fly up to see the wicked witch used to scare me silly, and still does a little bit!

         I guess the next film I had an obsession with was Singing In The Rain. That was the first film that introduced me to Gene Kelly, “Hollywood”, and the 20s. I used to sit during the summer with the doors open to our deck watching Donald O’Connor perform Make’m Laugh over and over again, until I knew the words off by heart. The film has become some sort of family tradition. When my little sister was old enough we showed it to her. For two months all we could watch was the song Moses Supposes from the film.

         When I was nine I was introduced to my favourite film, All About Eve. It was my dad’s birthday in the middle of July and my mum had got it for him as a present. Later in the day we all sat down on the sofa while my mum was sorting out the DVD player. Then she looked up at us and said, “Its not in there!” We were very disappointed. It turned out that the shop had given us an empty DVD case - the suspense was unbearable, but we got it all sorted out in the end. It was an incredibly important film discovery for me. I realized how amazing it would be to be able to write and direct like Joseph Mankiewicz, or act like Anne Baxter or Bette Davis! I have since been besotted with the film, and all of its behind the scenes stories, gossip, and anything to do with it, and I have just finished reading Sam Stagg’s book about it called All About “All About Eve”.

         My parents have always had the “Bring them up on classic movies!” approach to our upbringing, and I am thankful that they do, otherwise I would never have been able to watch such wonderful movies!



Camille said...

The Wizard of Oz is the 1st old movie I've seen too. I was 6 and the movies was on cinema, I watched it with my class. I've loved it, but I didn't know it was an old movie x)
Movies, as you said, can have impact on our lives. To me, I think it's Carefree, it makes me like old movies, and Gone with the wind.
I borrow to a mediathque All About Eve once, but it was stripped, so I never saw the end. I was so disapointed because it was a very good movie :/

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