Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What People Said About Bette And What Bette Said About Herself.

Here are some fantabiedoobie quotes from Bette Davis: A Biography In Photographs.

E. Arnot Robinson on her performance in Dangerous (some review guy.)
"I think Bette would probably have been burned as a witch if she had lived two or three hundred years ago. She gives the curious feeling of being charged with a power that can find no ordinary outlet."

The New York Times on her performance as Elizabeth the 1st.
"Bette Davis'  Elizabeth is a strong, resolute , glamour-skimping characterization against which Mr. Flynn's Essex has about as much chance as a beanshooter against a tank."

The Bette on herself.
"I'm the nicest god-damn dame that ever lived!"


Good News:
Yesterday I actually found a picture of James Stewart and Bette in that book!
Bad News:
They were both about 78! :-(
But I did find out that they both really wanted to work with each other when they were young but had to wait until they were really old, and even then it was in a TV movie. My theory is that Jimmy was too tall for her. But I guess we'll never know!

By the way, expect a review of Spellbound soon.


SabrinaFairchild said...

I loved how tall Jimmy Stewart was, although I never realy noticed how attractive he was until I got older. I used to consider him as tall and gangly and not much else.
I don't think I have ever seen any of Bette Davis' films. I probably have because I watched so many old movies with my grandmother but I was much younger so I would have to watch one of her movies to jog my memory. But I've seen her on What's My Line? and she had the most amazing personality :)

Tom said...

Hi! Very nice blog! Yeah, Jimmy and Bette appeared in only one made-for-television movie called "Right of Way" in the 1980s (I think 1983). I've not seen it yet.

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