Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Wind Has Blown My Depressed-ness Away!

After yesterday's heavy downpour, today has brought with it a fresh feel, a strong wind, and the viewing of what I may go far enough to call a life changing film. I am, as you may have noticed, going through a bit of an Ingrid Bergman phase. I won't do a full review of The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness but I will tell you a bit about how I felt about it.

I loved the Inn Of The Sixth Happiness. It really was a feel-good film even though it is pretty heavy duty stuff. It is set just before the second world war, and it is about a servant that wants to be a missionary in China (Ingrid Bergman), but when she is refused at the missionary organisation in London she tries to earn enough money to get to China herself. When she has earned the money she starts her long journey by train to Northern China. When she arrives she finds it hard to get to grips with the Chinese customs, but soon earns love and respect from everyone around her. Then when the Japanese start to invade Northern China, she is influential in taking 100 children accross the mountains to a safer place.

This film is not an easy watch by any means, but it does make a real impact on you. It shows you that it really pays to look out for other people and be completely fearless, no matter what religion you may be. I also wanted to ask the question, can anyone cry like Ingrid (comment if you know of anyone)? Sorry Bette! So here is my top 10 cryers list!

1. Ingrid Bergman
2. Margrette O'Brien
3. Bette Davis
4. Judy Garland
5. Elizabeth Taylor
6. James Stewart
7. Humphrey Bogart
8. Janis Wilson (She plays Tina or "Teenah" in Now voyager but is uncredited.)
9. Barbra Striesand
10. Doris Day

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Millie said...


I saw it a million years ago, and I still remember how powerful it was. And, it's made even more powerful, by knowing that it was a true story. Gladys Aylward was the person Ingy played! :-D

Haha! I love the crying list! ;-D

Bette said...

Yep, it is pretty powerful! Did you know that Gladdys was completely apalled at the film and felt it ruined her reputation, plus she was small and cockney, not tall gorgeous and Swedish!

Tom said...

I just this movie recently too, and really enjoyed it. Very moving film; Ingrid is so good in it as the missionary.

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