Friday, 3 September 2010

Back At School And Eager To Blog!

Just before I post this, I wanted to just ask you to remember Cammie King Conlon's brilliant performance in Gone with The Wind as Bonnie, because she died today. You can read an article about it here.

Ok, so today I am going to watch The Trouble With Harry, which I am very much looking forward to seeing, because many people say that it is actually quite a change of pace from things like Rear Window, and of course it has my beloved Shirley MacLaine in it.
She is so cute... and that haircut!
So hopefully *Crossed Fingers* I will get around to reviewing that before too long. But, I wanted to ask you, have you seen Indescreet with Ingrid Bergman and Cary grant (In thier first screen pairing since Notorious in 1946) in it? It is one of thier lesser know ones. I saw it the other day, and while it is not my favourite Ingrid or Cary movie, it is very sweet and entertaining. The plot consists mainly of a comic love story about the romance of an aging theatre star (Ingrid Bergman) and a single man who pretends to be married so he does not get tied down to anyone (Cary Grant).

Now that I am back at school, I won't be able to post as much, but I will watching movies lots. I was thrilled when my English teacher told me this morning to "Watch as many films as you can when you get home," that for me is like a teacher asking you to eat sweets for homework!

Well, I'm off to watch The Trouble With Harry. Have a nice weekend all you readers, and if you know what you have planned to watch this weekend, please feel free to post it in a comment!



quizshowbob said...

I love Hitchcock movies, but I was not a big fan of 'The Trouble With Harry'. Although, Shirley McLaine is quite good in it.

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