Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Hollywood School Of Double-Takes

We all know that out of all the double takes in movie history, there are the greats and the not-so-greats. Each and every actor has their own double-take style. For example, there is the Cary Grant double-take (one of the best thought out, in my opinion).

But you may go for the more subtle double take, as Bette Davis does in In This Our Life here.
However she was not so subtle here.
Or here.
Or here *yawn*.
 Or here.
But under no curcumstances, ever, ever, ever, go for a double take like Cary Grant's grandmother in An Affair To Remember. But, unfortunatley that double take was soooooo bad, that no one has ever taken a still of it (to my internet browser's knowledge). But it basically goes like this: hmmm-huh?-squint-feeling woozy-about to burst into tears- "Nicolo!!!" Not Good. I have impersonated it many times. Hahahaha. A couple more good double takes follow.
And on a completely unrelated note, aparently there has been some comparison of Robert Redford and Zac Efron, and whilst serching for Robert Redford double-take photos, I found this *shreek!* and *eeek!*
How disturbing is that! A youthful Barbara Striesand cuddling Zac Efron when he was -14 years old. And plus what is with that hair-do? Come on Zac, I like you and all but what the heck is with the racoon that made it's house on your head?



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