Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So Kiss Me Kate!

Well, I am now home after a grade 5 piano/aural lesson. After playing my grade five pieces and struggling through a page of echo singing (listening to a piece and then singing it, eeeek!), My teacher told me that in the exam a small section of a piece would be played, and I would have to describe things about it. She then proceeded to ask me if I knew all of my composers and periods of music; I have to say that most of my knowledge came from Mary Astor's dramatic outbursts of Rachmaninov in The Great Lie.

My sister, (who is eight, and her third favourite film is All About Eve) happens to be extremely hilarious, but right now she has pretty bad mouth ulcers so all she wanted to do was snuggle down with me and watch Kiss Me Kate for the zillionth time. Me being the understanding sister that I am, (plus the fact that I "lurve" Kiss Me Kate) replied something vaguely like "Of course dahling". So with us both sitting on the kitchen sofa, we watched one and a half hours of Anne Miller, Howard Keel, and Cole Porter Songs.

It is a pretty fab musical. And it features a young Bob Fosse who, unfortunately didn't choreograph it, but does steal the show from his other supporting male actors. It is about a broadway musical that is based on The Taming Of The Shrew by William Shakespeare, and has an amazing balance of on-stage songs and back-stage ones, such as Brush Up Your Shakespeare, which has great lyrics like "If your blond won't respond when ya' flatter her, tell her what Tony told Cleopaterer." I would strongly recomend this to all readers, it really brightens your day (and no, its not just because its filmed in early eye popping colour). It was origianally filmed in 3D, and my honorary uncles were lucky enough to see a 3D screening of it. Try to spot the 3D bits in the movie if you see it. Its not hard, they are pretty obvious ;-D.



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