Friday, 17 September 2010

A Star Is Born!

Happy birthday Lauren Bacall!!! Her birthday was yesterday and she is 86. That is pretty awsomesauce and snazzy. To be 86 i mean. She must be so wise...

I have to admit that I have only seen one of her movies (The Man With A Horn) but she was married to Bogie, and that puts her way up in my books ;D.  But this post is really about A Star Is Born so I better get back to that.

I watched this film quite a while ago. Maybe about 2 months ago, but I can still remember it very strongly. Its not the kind of film you can forget very easily. The film starts with some sort of Hollywood gala, and the main appearance is supposed to be that of Norman Maine (James Mason), a famous film-star who's carreer is in decline. He apppears on stage while Esther Blodget (Judy Garland) is singing, and he is obviously intoxicated. She turns the awkward situation into a comical but sophisticated entrance for Norman. He thanks her and draws a heart on the backstage wall with her lipstick. He then goes to see her sing The Man That Got Away after hours at a club in Hollywood. He recognises her talent and makes her quit her band and make a carreer in movies. He mentions her name to the studios but on the day she arrives he has been taken to a location for fiming a new "comeback film" and she assumes he was just flirting with her. After a series of unpredictable events, he hears her singing on a TV commercial and the proccess starts all over agian, except this time she gets a job with his studio. The studio changes her name to Vicki Lester, and she makes a big success in a musical where she performs songs such as I Was Born In A Trunk. Norman and Esther marry and live very happily together for a while. But as her carreer soars, his declines even more. Can their mariage survive?

*Weep weep* Even as I *blow nose* watch I Was Born In A Trunk, I remember everything *sob* that happens and I just can't bear it!!!!! I dont want to spoil the story for you all, but after half-way through the film, every time James Mason walks into view I sob. Judy's performance is just beyond words. She is so sensitive, and in some scenes it is like it's her story that she is acting, not Esther Blodgett's. The direction is that of George Cukor of Gaslight, Gone With The Wind, and The Philidelphia Story, and it is pretty fantabiedoobie directing. Just to let you know, that I will know if someone is worthy of being my friend, if they draw a heart on a wall with MY lipsick! That is a pretty cool thing to do. Almost as cool as Paul Henried lighting 2 cigarettes in Now Voyager.

Judy in Meet Me In St. Louis
I wanted to tell you that there will be no more posts until Tuesday/Wednesday (this is supposed to be the bit where you are all sobbing at your computers) because I am staying at a friend's house because my parents are going away for a few days on Sunday.



Frl. Irene Palfy said...

Oh - I love A STAR IS BORN! - I am a BIG Judy fan.. ^^
Allways crying in the end scene.. *sigh* "This is Mrs. Norman Maine." How marvellous, is that? *GRAND SIGH*
I think I would slap anyone who dares to take my lipstick to - whatever! If he is drunken I might run away and scream. Yeah, I'll probably never become a Vicky Lester.. ;")

quizshowbob said...

I can't believe you are only 12. That's awesome.
"Meet Me in St. Louis", "Now Voyager", and "Rebecca" are in my top 10 also.
Bette Davis is my favorite actress of all time.

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