Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"This apartment is rated PG, I keep forgetting."

I just wanted to tell all you readers out there, that it is such a comfort to come home and blog to you at the end of a long day. I say this because in my science lesson today, I had nothing short of a nervous breakdown over "grouping elements". I mumbled to myself "good times, good times" until my science teacher (who happens to have an evil glare) came up to me and said "what's wrong Bette?" I replied "Umm nothing, just errr, grouping my elements (cheesy smile)". As soon as he left I collapsed on the table and banged again and again ranting about how we all have clogged up brains, and why couldn't we accept the world for what it is without knowing everything. I then went on complaining about how my head is swimming with Bette Davis' affair with Mirriam Hopkin's husband, how Mirriam played Jezebel on Broadway, the hideous book that BD Davis wrote about Bette, and... French verbs! This is because I watched Bette Davis: An Intimate Portrait AND did a lot of French home-work just before sleeping last night (this was also not helped by the fact that I was really into Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? when I realized that youtube only had 45 minutes of it). My remarks were mostly like "oh why did Judy Garland have to die alone" and "now I am all confused. Is Mirriam put into the soft and silvery column, or the alkaline metal category?" Plus, the people on my table were not only NOT classic-film-knowers, but didn't care about my mild breakdown or my philosophical comments. Their comments were mainly:

FRIEND 1: "Oh come on you're jiggling the science cards!"
FRIEND 2: "Who is Mirrian Cotchkins?"

Lovin' the sunnies Barbara!
I digress. Have you noticed that lots of old films are rated way lower than what they should be? I mean, Double Indemnity (1940s) a PG? It is about a woman who... MURDERS HER HUSBAND!!! And another film with a similar plot is The Letter (also 1940s) which is a U. I think that just because they are in black and white, they are not rated properly and furthermore, I think it has something to do with gender inequality. (Bit of a rant coming up...) if a man did what Bette Davis did in The Letter, I am sure it would be rated for an older age group. And plus, they think that because there is more talk than actual violence people won't notice that Barbara asks her boyfriend to strangle her husband and dump his body on a train track!

So, there is my little rant! On a lighter note, look at this adorable pic of Doris Day and James Stewart on set for The Man Who Knew Too Much. She gives a spellbinding performance as the mother of a kidnapped boy which really is quite wonderful. She gives a similarly good performance in Love Me Or Leave Me. Don't let anyone tell you she is just all froth! The song Que Sera, Sera was written for the film, and it later became her trademark song.
Soo gorgeous ;-D
Quote from the title The Goodbye Girl (1977)


Whitney said...

You're much too young to be having a nervous breakdown! Although, I think your rant was completely justified.

That's a very good point about the rating system. I have a feeling Hollywood was a bit more lenient in the 30s and 40s. But, I think if movies such as Double Indemnity were made today they'd be given a much higher rating because we leave nothing to the imagination.

KC said...

Wow--I was exactly like you when I was 12. Life gets a lot easier when you don't have all those subjects taking away valuable space for classic movie thoughts. Never fear!

Bette said...

Thanks for the support! Classic movie thoughts need room to develop, especially if they concern things like the 1940s rating system ;D.


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