Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Day, Another Movie

I have just read the funniest news story that I have ever read in my entire life. Here is a link to the story. Basically a woman dressed up as a tomato to boost healthy eating (or something) at a local council garden party, and the mayor walked along, thought "hmmm that tomato looks like a good thing to leapfrog over!" and whilst trying to jump over her, his knee caught her head and she suffered a slipped disc. She was given £24,000 as compensation!
Moral of the story: never dress up as a tomato for a council garden party. The mayor just might break your neck. Not that anyone will be doing that anytime soon. I hope. It reminded me of the conversation from Tootsie where Micheal Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman) is begging his agent (Sydney Pollack) to get him a part in something, and his agent accuses him of being unreasonable. The conversation goes like this.

Agent: "I can't even put you up for a commercial! You played a Tomato for 30 seconds and they went a half a day over 'cause you wouldn't sit down!"
Micheal Dorsey: "Yes. It wasn't logical."
Micheal Dorsey: "That's what I said! How am I supposed to sit down! I was a juicy sexy beef stake tomato! I was the best eggplant, the best cucumber. I did a Waldorf salad that knocked the critics on their ass!"
Agent:"Micheal, I'm trying to stay calm here. You-you are... a wonderful actor."
Micheal Dorsey:"Thank You."
 Agent: "But you're too much trouble. Get some therapy."
Sydney Pollack and Dustin Hoffman dressed as a woman

One of the funniest movies ever made. I laugh just thinking about it. Dustin Hoffman dresses up as a woman to get a job as a hospital administrator in a hospital soap opera, and ends up falling for the woman who plays the nurse (Jessica Lang).

Here is today's review.

A Letter To Three Wives

Three typical American suburban housewives receive a letter addressed to the three of them from their "best friend" Addie Ross (Celest Holm voice-over, surprisingly, uncredited), saying that she has left town with one of their husbands, but doesn't say which one. The first wife, Deborah Bishop (Jeanne Crain) reacts with instant suspicion as we see her flashback. It shows her and her husband first meeting his friends Rita (Ann Sothern) and George Phipps (Kirk Douglas) and Lora Mea (Linda Darnell) and Brad Hollingsway (Jeffrey Lynn). They all make subtle references to Addie's "class", but no one says anything that might overtly lead to suspicion of an affair. The same thing happens to both other wives, but each husband has their own link to Addie.

The Review:
The DVD cover says "three very different marriages. One of convenience, one stable, and one filled with lies and suspicion," And it's dang right. Never have I seen such different marriages! My favourite wife is by far Ann Sothern, who vaguely reminds me of Agnes Moorhead. All the other actors (if anyone can tell who they are!) are very good. I love Kirk Douglas ("I am Spartacus!").
The film was directed and written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and he won both of those Oscars that year. On the set of All About Eve he was waiting around for some rain to come so that Celest Holm could do her scene where she meets Eve: but it didn't come. So they set up some hoses, and got ready to start filming. Sat on a ladder, he called out "Ok, lets have the rain!" But before the prop men could turn on the hoses, clouds moved in and it started to rain. Ann Baxter (Eve Harrington, the villain of the story) said to Bette Davis (Margo Channing, the "hero" of the story)  "Even god has heard of Joe's two Oscars."

Here is a picture of Ann Sothern that is so far away from her in A Letter To Three Wives, that I found it quite strange.


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