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Classic Movie Book Analysis: My Judy Garland Life

I finished this book about a month ago, but for one reason or another I haven't had a chance (or have been too busy blogging about my classic movie watching endeavours) to review it. Before I write anything more classic movie related, I have a few Bette (me, not Miss. Davis. But a gal can dream can't she?) news bulletins:
  • From tomorrow until Thursday I have a sailing course (eek!). I am very exited because I really do adore sailing, but the last time I did one I got trapped under my boat. I was petrified, but I got over it very fast and was back on my boat racing! But long story short, I will be quite cold.
  • I have truck loads of homework to do over this week (half term for me) and won't be able to blog as much *sigh*. Oh well, I'll probably squeeze in a bit of rambling here and there.
So, with my narcissism over, here is my very thoughtful analysis of My Judy Garland Life By Susie Boyt.

My Judy Garland Life:

This book is basically Susie Boyt's tribute to her favourite movie star. She is, I think, the biggest hero worshiper I have come across, EVAH! Picture me writing My Bette Davis Life times 1000. Yes, that bad. The whole book is a mesh of her memoirs and Judy Garland's, and it works really well. I should probably tell you about Susie before I continue

Susie Boyt

Career/s: Author, Bereavement Councillor
Occupation: (At the time of the book's publication) Judy Garland WORSHIPER!
Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Finding "Judy friends" (people who obsess over Judy Garland)
Interesting facts: She is the daughter of Lucian Freud the painter.
My Thoughts On Her: She is a very sweet and thoughtful woman who has what I would call a hero-worshiper complex. In a good way.


I really enjoyed listening to her talk about all of the different ways that Judy has helped her through different stages of her life. From being a child of a broken home, to handling depression and bereavement. I have to say that it reminded me of a few times when watching a really special film has helped me. Even though this is quite minor, when I moved to Chicago (we lived there for a year) when I was two, all the way through the move, I wouldn't stop watching The Wizard Of Oz. Whenever I'm feeling really down, I order my family to gather on the sofa and watch a Bette Davis movie. I feel better afterward. But we are talking about Susie watching The Judy Garland show for weeks on end without doing anything else. There are lots of emotional parts like when she goes to Judy's grave, but they are nicely balanced by humorous anecdotes.

The Verdict:
I find it pretty awesome that she managed to meet Liza Minnelli and Mickey Rooney for the book, and it is definitely a worthwhile read. The only criticism that I had was that some of the chapters were so emotionally rambling that I wanted to skip parts, but maybe my understanding of that will come for me with age.

I like Susie and Judy, and Bette Davis is in Judy Garland's address book

I thought it was quite disturbing that she only had pictures of Judy and her family in her room and none of her family.

Hope ya'll liked the review!



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