Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Hello everybody, sorry for the very brief random post yesterday. I was in a rush and just wanted to post the photos. Halloween is very much here, but I have to say that in Britain compared to when I lived in America, there isn't much joyful festive-ness :-(.
Here is a post about a thriller from one of my favourite directors, Alfred Hitchcock.

Rear Window


L.B. Jeffries is a risk taking photographer who's risks led him to a near fatal accendent. He is wheelchair ridden for a few months. His girlfriend Lisa comes to visit him every day, but he is convinced that she isn't tough enough to be the wife of an undercover photographer. Along with Lisa, his lovely maid Stella comes and looks after him. Together they try to uncover the mystery of the suspicious looking man across from his apartment, and the even more suspicious dissapearing of his wife...

The Review:
This petrified my the first time I saw it and still does after the 3rd time. Afred Hitchcock never ceases to amaze me with his genius. A definate thrill to watch. Grace's dresses are
simply magnificent and so is James Stewart's acting, as usual. Edith Head, who designed the costumes has boosted herself even higher in my books. If that's possible.

As for my halloween costume, I put on a red wig to look like Maureen O'Hara,
but instead I look like Bette Davis as Mrs. Skeffington. Such craziness is my everyday life.


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