Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Kind Hearts Are Better Than Coronets... I Think

Well, another day of school council meetings, Spanish lessons, forgetting my lunchbox, loosing at hockey and listening to KT Tunstall's (Scottish singer) new song (Fade Like A Shadow). I am in fact while writing this post a bump, and a bump-ing to "You Gotta Have A Gimmick" from Gypsy.
 Today I have been thinking about why, a bit like Clark Gable in Teacher's Pet. Here are a few examples:
  • Why does my shower burn my head when I turn it back on?
  • Why does an outlaw from my imagination (thought of in my English lesson) steal people's hair?
  • Why do I have 16 followers. Yay! Or as a few of my classmates would say, "ye' boys!"
And I got onto "Why does someone kill off all of their family members?". Here is a review of one of my favourite British black comedies.
Kind Hearts And Coronets

A rightful heir to the lordship of the D'Ascoyne, Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) family decides to murder each of his estranged family members (all played by Alec Guinness. Yes. Even the female one).
His mother married an Italian opera singer, and the family rejected her. Another problem that occurs is that he has been having a relationship with his childhood sweetheart Sibella (Joan Greenwood, who was quite a well known British actress with a very husky voice) but decides to marry the widow of one of his victims for financial and social security. Sibella predictably is jealous, and when her new husband commits suicide, she hides the suicide note and blames it on Louis. He is wrongly found guilty and is sentenced for a murder he didn't commit! (But by this time he had murdered 9 people so I guess he had it coming). The whole film is told as we writes his memoirs in the prison cell. Sibella is convinced to change her mind as long as Louis leaves his new wife for her. As he comes out of the prison a publisher comes up to him and says, "do we have the rights to your memoirs sir?" he replies, "My memoirs!" (fade to black).
This is the epitome of British 40s black comedy. The director is very good and funny. Dennis price is actually very awsomesauce and evil, and sometimes he even gives me the bejeebies. Oh Alec Guinness! The scene where the female suffragette D'Ascoyne dies in a hot air balloon over London is hilarity video-onified!!! This film gets a definite 5 star rating from me. The only thing that could have been improved for me was if there were more relatives of Alec to play!


P.S. I found some very funny Bette Davis bloopers on YouTube. WARNING they contain some mild language. Bette Davis Bloopers.


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That sounds an... interesting, shall we say, film! Another to add to my to-watch list!


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