Sunday, 3 October 2010

Oh, Leopold!

Hello all you reader peoples! I have been very busy these past few days with homework, buying birthday prezzies (why is every one's birthday in October?), practicing music, and all that jazz. So here is a review of The Talk Of The Town.

The Talk Of The Town

A mill worker and political activist, Leopold Dilg (Cary Grant), is charged with arson after supposedly burning down the mill he worked at, killing one of a foreman in the process. During his trial, he escapes jail and runs to an old school friend's house. The friend is named Nora Shelley (Jean Arthur) and Dilg has had a crush on her for years. But she is renting her house out for the summer to a professor of law (figures!), Mr. Micheal Lightcap (Ronald Coleman). Unfortunatley they arrive whithin minutes of each other and when they accidentaly meet, Nora introduces Leopold as "the gardener". She manages to stay there with them by bullying Mr. Lightcap into hiring her as his secretary. Leopold and him have lots of very interesting political discussions. Leopold prefers the practical way, and Mr. Lightcap prefers the academic way. They become very close friends in spite of their differences.
There are a few almost-found-out situations. One of them occurs when Mr. Lightcap opens up the morning paper and Dilg is on the front page. Nora screams, "AAAAHHHHHH! No, no, no, no, no!", pushes his fried egg onto the table to cover Dilg's face, "It's NOT your egg morning!". Mr. Lightcap had previously asked for eggs every other morning. Later on he discovers Dilg and reports him. After Leopold escapes again, he does the same thing. But while Leopold is in custody he decides to find out more about this "dead" foreman. Meanwhile, Nora has to chose between the passionate and tough Leopold and the charming and intelligent Mr. Lightcap.

The Review:
Pure classic-movie-farce bliss. The scene where she throws the egg all over the newspaper is one of my favourite comic scenes ever. And Ronald Coleman's mustache is definitely a must. When he shaves it off, he just isn't the same. I just love everything about this film. The direction is pretty good. It is by George Stevens and it is yest again about a woman trapped between two men, as is Shane and Giant. Both directed by George Stevens! I mean, I would probably find it pretty hard in Nora's situation. Hmmm, Cary Grant or Ronald Coleman...

I would recommend this to anyone any day, it is just so cute and funny. Jean Arthur is just a treat in it. Here's something big for you, when Jean Arthur was teaching drama at Vassar College, she taught a young Meryl Streep! She saw her in a play at Vassar and said "it was like watching a movie star."

Yesterday I watched two thirds of Paris When It Sizzles, and it really is pretty strange. Not to say that I didn't love it for all of it's madness and in-joke-ness - anyone who can compare My Fair Lady and Frankenstein is crazy. But, Audrey Hepburn is very ooshkiminooish (see "this blog") in it, and there is an eerie scene where William Holden (dressed as a vampire) chases Audrey around a laboratory table in an underground lair. As you do.



Elizabeth B said...

I love this movie! It's suspenseful, romantic, funny, and Jean-Arthur-Cary-Grant-perfection all in one. :-D

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