Thursday, 28 October 2010

One Two Three CRACK! New Egg

Hey ya'll, I have been having quite an interesting couple of days as you may know, and yesterday to top it all off I drove my boat into a tree. But'cha know, that is all made up for when you can come home after the last day (thank god) of my sailing course and find pictures of Greer Garson, Walter Pigeon and Bette Davis together.
Bette presents and ecstatic Greer the Red Book Award
Today I'm going to review Sabrina (1953), but first I have to just do a photos with quotes from The Goodbye Girl (1977) from Marsha Mason's on screen daughter in the film. Who obsesses over Gene Kelly and old movies. She reminds me of myself! HA! She has a poster of James Dean on her
 bedroom wall.

(Paula’s doing situps…)
Paula: Oh…oh that’s all, I can’t do anymore.

Lucy: 60! You said 60!

Paula: Uh, my muscles are gone…I can’t dance.  It was a dumb idea.  I’m going to put you up for adoption.
…Oh, get your old mother a coke.

Lucy: Uh, uh, fattening!
Paula: Get me the coke.
Mother doesn’t want to beat the crap out of you!
Lucy:…No willpower.

(I didn't intend to stoop as low as to have to copy and paste from Wikipedia, and I had written an amazing plot summary but my computor died and I lost it!)

Sabrina Fairchild (Hepburn) is the young daughter of the Larrabee family's chauffeur, Thomas (John Williams), and has been in love with David Larrabee (Holden) all her life. David is an oft-married, idle playboy, crazy for women, who has never noticed Sabrina, much to her and the staff's dismay. Sabrina then attends culinary school in Paris and returns as an attractive and sophisticated woman.
When Sabrina arrives, David doesn't recognise her.
Walter Hampden (All About Eve, The Aged Actor) as David Larrabee's father
David, after initially not recognizing her, is quickly drawn to her. David's workaholic older brother Linus (Bogart) sees this and fears that David's imminent wedding with a very rich woman may be endangered. If the wedding were to be canceled, so would a great corporate deal with the bride's family. So Linus tries to redirect Sabrina's affections, and in the process falls in love with her.
The "Yes, We Have No Bananas scene dubbed in Italian. I can't find it in English. It makes me laugh though! And here is the same song sung by the swedish chef from The Muppet Show.
Audrey Hepburn dusts Linus' "Yes, we have no bananas" record
The ending contains Sabrina leaving for Paris on a boat, after Linus has told her to leave and never come back. In a board meeting, realizing his mistake, he manages to get on the boat, and they sail away together to Paris.

The Review:
This is without a doubt one of my favourite films ever. The script by Billy Wilder is just amazing and genius. I love Audrey Hepburn in this film, it is just so uplifting. I admire the ludicrus chef who teaches Audrey to boil water and crack eggs, and if I ever study cooking at as high a level (not gonna happen) I want him as my teacher! Go this movie!!!!!!!!

P.S. I found this photo earlier today, I love it!
Bette Davis at what looks like age 14? She is sooo pretty.


Libby said...

Sabrina was stinkin' awesome. If only my cooking teacher was as cool as the Parisian dude... I do just adore Audrey Hepburn's effortless grace. Even when she's acting gawky she's still amazingly non-clumsy.

Bette said...

Oh so true Libby, she had an effortlessly cool and calm attitude. Don't we all wish we had a catering teacher like him?


Tom said...

Oh I love that Muppets clip! ha ha. Thanks for posting that!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love love love love love this movie!! I was named after it (Sabrina, obviously) and it is my favorite of all time. I just watched it last night actually. Everyone says I actually look a little like if only i was brave enough to get her haircut.....

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