Sunday, 28 November 2010

I Only Wanna Talk About The Nice Things.

Well, unfortunatley darling, if that applies to you, don't read on. Me and my Mum have just forceed my Dad into watching Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?. Mwaaaa HAHAHAHAHA!!!! But the more we all watched it, the more we felt sorry for Jane, and we all decided that both Joan Crawford and Bette Davis did some of their finest work while at  each others throats. It is a very, shall we say, surprising (?) film. I will try to keep most of it some of it a surprise, but this is me we are talkin' about honey.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

(Parental guidance: This film is rated 12 on my DVD cover, and whenever I ask my 8 year old sister to watch it, she cries. Bear that in mind if you want to show this to a young child.)
The film opens in 1917 at a vaudeville show, in which Baby Jane Hudson is performing. Jane is also a spoilt brat who has become used to having her father dote upon her night and day, while her sister Blanche and her mother watch from the wings. We then skip to 1935, where their roles are reversed considerably. Blanche is now a glamourous Hollywood star while Jane tries desperately to keep up with mediocre pictures that hardly ever got released. Now known as a "talentless broad", Jane takes to alcoholism, and also becomes renouned for her behaviour. One night after a party, the sisters arrive at their mansion and one of them gets out to open the gate. It is unclear who is doing what, but the sister driving drives straight into the sister at the gates. We are now in the present (1962) and Jane is "looking after" Blanche. She feeds her, shouts abuse at her, never lets her out and disconects her phone. Call that looking after? No, me niether.
Blanche is convinced Jane is mentally ill (well, duh - she is kinda alcoholic!?) and wants to send for a doctor as her maid, Elvira says, but due to lack of couragepans phone, she fails to do so. Jane  puts an advert in a newspaper for a pianist to come and re-do her old numbers for a new act, but when he arrives he is 6ft 3 and more than a bit overweight.
Expecting a gorgeous young man to crush on, she is slightly taken aback, but ends up loving him anyway. Increasingly crazy, Jane goes out to get some new costumes and while she is away Blanche crawls down the stairs to call a doctor. Upon arrival, Jane takes one look at Blanche and kicks her and half kills her.
Later, Elvira comes by to see Blanche and is told by Jane that she is fired. They both go away leaving Blanche unnatended. 5 minutes later Elvira comes back and tries to get into Blanches room - which has been locked - with a hammer. Jane is furious when she sees, and as soon as Elvira gets in, Jane kills her with the hammer.

Thats it! I can't tell you the surprise ending, you'll never forgive me!!!

A fabulous lawn display for Halloween inspired by Baby jane.
The Review:
As creepy and sick minded as this film may sound, it is a rather breathaking film. Bette Davis' physicality is just out of this world. She never lets herself out of her slumpy attitude. The hatred between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis is apparent the whole way through. A-n-y-w-ay... it is a really good film. The first thing my dad said really really made me laugh, "Joan looks like Gregory Peck in a wig." LOL :-D!!!!! He said it must have been his most interesting role! Me and my mum also said that even though Joan was wonderful, Bette can just do anything. Me and Libby were having a chat via email the other day about how she was offered the role of a female lumberjack (!) and how we would have paid a large sum of money to see her do it. Yeah. Just amazing.

Yesterday I went to see an amazing musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's Matilda at the Royal Shakespere Company, and it was truly amazing. The man who played Mrs. Trunchbal was just superb. It was a real treat. Thanks to my grandma, if you're reading, who took us.


P.S. This picture of shoe moulds of classic movie stars is just awesomesauce. They are all probably around a 5/6 and then Ingrid Bergman popps up and must be like a size 10! Wow, she must have had to have shoes specially made.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Just Some Classic Movie Ramblings...

So, yesterday I went to my parents evening at my school (yes on thanksgiving) and the general consensus was that I was a good student (thank gawd). It was quite awkward when my humanities (history, RE, geography) teacher, on hearing I want to take history as an option, told me that they study America in the 20s. I went "Yaaaayyyy!!!" It was a good thing I refrained from saying "CHARLIE CHAPLIN!!! THE CHARLESTON!!! FRANK CAPRA!!!" But then he said "We see some film clips too. I love film clips." That was It. I said "I love them too!" Oops I regret it now.
When my English teacher (who is awesome because she also teaches film studies at A-Level) said "What have you been reading recently?", and I said "Well, I'm reading Rebbeca at the moment, and I read Jane Eyre," Then she said "What about over the  summer?", She caught me out. "Errrrr, classic movie books?"

Yeah, then my language teacher told me to read in other languages. Does a Spanish Bette Davis appreciation blog count? While I'm on the subject of Charlie Chaplin, I'll just post a video of my favourite Chaplin movie, Modern Times.

The other parts are linked after you have seen that bit, I hope... Ha! LOL! Just translated the Spanish quotation from Of Human Bondage from Bette Davis' character and it came up as:
You're a Sweetheart, a disgusting pig! I've never imported a single day. I've been teasing you! I was bored to death. I hated it! I felt nauseous every time you gave me a kiss. Just to let you hurt.
I crawled to my feet, I went crazy, and after he kissed me I had to wipe my mouth. Yes, I cleaned it! ... Do you know what you are, monster cojitranco? A disabled. Lame, but that lame!
 Errrr, I don't know what the real speech is word for word, but it don't sound like that darlin'.


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Who Told You You're Aloud To Rain On My Parade?

Just before I rant about the complete and utter awesomeness of Funny Girl, here is my favourite photos I have seen recently.
Bette Davis and her second husband "Farney"
A vintage advert for shampoo using pictures of Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardener
You have to look close at this, but it's a vintage review of The Bride Came C.O.D. and an advert for Tampax. Vintage advertising rocks my socks.
A cute still from my almost-favourite film Now Voyager.
“Get a cat and a parrot and live alone in single blessedness.” says Bette in Now Voyager, but how can you say that when you have Paul Henried saying "I love you," over a cute kids shoulder? Jeez.
 We are forecast snow in my darling England, but in me-weather-reading that counts as slushy glop along the roads. Whoopee! Not.

Funny Girl

(This is a bio-pic of Fanny Brice so don't worry about my awful plot spoilers, this is all Hollywood-ized non fiction. I will intersperse the plot with photos and videos of the songs to help you visualise.)
Young Fanny Brice comes from a cheerful Jewish family who have always been 100% behind Fanny's every move. But when  she goes to audition for a beautiful girl group at the local theatre, they think she is out of her mind. She just wants to be on stage and ends up making the rehearsals a calamity, and she is fired.

The choreographer rehires her secretly for a roller skate act thinking she can skate, but she makes the act a comedy by not being able to skate. She is a hit, and they ask her out to sing a song in which she skates beautifully. Handsome gambler Nick Arnestien meets her for the first time back-stage and manages to help her get a higher salary

Soon an offer comes from Florenz Zigfield for her to star in The Zigfield Follies and she jumps at it. She gets the job on the condition that she sings the lead in the wedding scene finale. Embarrassed about singing of her "Incomparable beauty", she stuffs a pillow up her dress and does the whole act "pregnant".

Yet again she meets Nick Arnestien and the two go to Fanny's mothers saloon for a party. They kiss, but it is a year before they meet up again.

On a tour in Baltimore, she meets Nick at the train station and while she is there they become involved in a passionate love affair.

When Fanny is told Nick has to go on a boat to Europe to play cards, she is distraught at the fact that she can't go too. She goes to join him anyway and they get married on the boat.

Now married with a baby, and more wealthy than her husband, Fanny's marriage starts to collapse, and after he fails to appear at her opening night, they have a huge argument. In a fit of self pity, Nick gets involved with an phony bond deal and is put in prison for 18 months.

They agree that they will both think about getting a divorce while he is in prison, and when he is out, they will decide. He comes to her a year and a half later and tells her that he still thinks they should get a divorce. Enraged and crushed, Fanny goes on stage to sing her song, the befitting "My Man". Fade to black.

The Review:
Barbara Streisand is just one of the best actresses/singers ever. and she sends goosepimples up my spine every time I hear her sing these songs. We are having a bit of an obsession with the soundtrack in my house and we wont listen to anything else in the car. The songs by Bob Merril and Jule Styne are just magic. This film is a must see for any film lover.

I have a day off from school tomorrow, movies here I come!


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Random Hall, North Random, Surrey.

 Today I watched the first film that ever actually made me sob, Random Harvest. The whole fiasco was not helped by the fact that I am in Greer Garson obsessive mode at the moment and she plays the lead. I sat at the computer (for it was in 10 minute sections on YouTube) and started the film. I had tears in my eyes the first moment I saw Ronald Colman. I cannot let this slip by without a review.

Random Harvest:

  • Greer Garson as "Paula Ridgeway"/Margaret Hanson
  • Ronald Colman as Charles Rainier
  • Susan Peters as Kitty
Charles Rainier has been put in an asylum in a town called Melbridge because he was gassed in The First World War and became shell shocked and lost his memory. He has trouble speaking so can't be let into society until someone claims him. On the night that the war ended in 1918 he decided to leave the asylum and make a life for himself. While in a tobacco shop he bumps into the beautiful showgirl Paula.
She follows him and gets attached to him. She finds herself feeling more and more close to him as he learns to speak, and eventually falls in love with him. She calls him Smithy and the two become very close and soon move into a cottage in the country. A now aspiring writer, after hearing a letter that confirmed his first sale of an article, he asks her to marry him and she says yes.
They have a baby boy, but only a few day's after his arrival Smithy is called to Liverpool to discuss a permanent job at a newspaper there. He is hit by a car and when he awakes he can remember everything of his past, but nothing of his son and Paula. He is part of a wealthy family that live in Random Hall, North Random, Surrey. Years later a woman named Margaret Hanson turns up to apply to be his secretary. She tells him that she was married once and had a son, but they are both dead now (as soon as we see her it is obvious she is Paula). Now a business whizz, he falls in love and gets engaged to a distant non-blood relative but she feels in him that he still has a love for someone he knew before, even if he doesn't remember. In an attempt to discover his past, he goes to Liverpool and is followed by Ms. Hanson. He becomes dependant on her for help. They go to the hotel where he stayed to see if they still have his suitcase. They do, but he dismisses it saying "I would have been ashamed to be seen in such rags." Paula is devastated but can't say anything in case he doesn't believe her or dismisses her like the suitcase, a neglected and forgotten memory. He asks her to marry him (again, though he doesn't know it) for mainly organisational purposes. She agrees, but is soon devastated by his lack of emotion toward her. She goes away to South America and stops by at their old cottage on the way.

Meanwhile, he has had his memory jogged by a visit to Melbridge cable works, and ends up at the cottage just before Paula/Margaret (what is her real name?) and she says from behind him, "Smithy?" they then embrace, and all the while she is muttering, "Smithy...Smithy...Smithy..."

The Review:
My top ten list is forever being juggled about as you know, but it is rare for a new film to get into it. There is a first time for everything. This film has knocked Jezebel out of my top ten and replaced it. It is one of the most magical films I think I have ever seen. Greer Garson is enchanting as Paula/Margaret and Ronald Colman is so upsetting as Smithy (so what if he is called Charles - to me he will always be Smithy.). I am so upset they didn't win Oscars, but Greer did for Mrs. Miniver (instead of Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale in Now Voyager, but I really couldn't chose between the two.). What a great year! It's up there with 1950 (Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve)! It had Now Voyager, Mrs. Miniver, and Random Harvest. Wow. The performances from all concerned are directed to perfection by Mervyn LeRoy, especially the part of Smithy, which was such a hard to get right.
Bette Davis and Greer Garson together. They must have liked each other, I have several pics of them together.
Just wow. Greer Garson is just so lovely, and one of the best actresses ever. And where do I even start with Ronald Colman? I can't imagine any other actor playing Smithy. He too is an amazing actor, here's a link to my review of  The Talk Of The Town which he is in.

{2nd April 2011, I just re-read this following a link from my traffic statistics and was shocked to see how little there was about Ronald Colman in it! So I changed bits as necessary. Hope you enjoyed it!}


Monday, 15 November 2010

The Apartment

I was beyond disappointed today when I found out that my dreams of seeing The Apartment on the big screen were shattered. I was going to see at 6:30pm, and it turns out it isn't even showing! This also means that the even cooler prospect of seeing All About Eve next Monday will probably not happen either. DAMN YOU CINEMA COORDINATORS!!! I will watch at home instead. Here is a review.

The Apartment:


Hard working genuine guy C.C. Baxter is well respected at work and by his friends. But when he gets home, he goes into a whole new atmosphere. His doctor-neighbour wants his liver donated to a university to be examined after he dies, the landlady consistently complains about the noise and he is never free of the smell of liqueur. Little do they all know that the reason for all of this is that he rents his home out to cheating colleagues. It started when he needed more money for the rent and a friend offered him a sum of money to take his secret girlfriend to his house without his wife knowing. Word
got around that he was doing this and he was soon up to his ears in requests. He is often waiting for hours in the street for the house to be ready, and one night he asks out the beautiful elevator girl, Fran to go and see a musical with him. His apartment is full with his boss and his gal, so he needed a place to go. She says she has to tie up another engagement but can be there soon. To his disappointment she doesn't turn up, but he doesn't know she is in his apartment with the boss trying desperately to get out of a horrible cheating relationship. On Christmas eve when C.C. returns to the apartment with a blond he picked up, he finds Fran unconscious on the floor. Will they ever be together in a non-heartbreaking situation?

The Review:
Directed by Billy Wilder, co-written by Billy Wilder and produced by Billy Wilder. How could you get better? The scene where the doctor thinks he and Fran had a row - hence her unconsiousness - is so funny. I love how C.C. strings his spaghetti with a tennis racket, and when Fran asks him why he says, "It's great when I'm making pasta for myself! You should see me serve the meatballs! *Shhppcka* *Shhppcka!* (as he hits imaginary meatballs into the spaghetti)" This is one of my favourite ever films and Jack lemmon is one of my favourite EVER comedians. It also has one of the best ending ever, other than Billy's Some Like It Hot ending. Shirley Maclaine is so cute as always... "Shut up and deal" as she says at the end. An amazingly moving comedy.

P.S. How amazingly cute is that photo of Bette Davis and Spencer Tracy at The Hollywood Canteen? It took ages for the uploader to work. CURSE YOU EVIL BLOGGER UPLOADER!!! But whatever, I forgive it.
Gotta go and finish eating the icing from my sisters school project and finish my own!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Survey Logos

Here are some logos for the survey I'm doing. Please use!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

My New Survey!

In case you hadn't noticed, I have been doing at bit of blog sprucing lately and today it has been completed by a great banner done my awesome friend Libby who surprised me by putting together a great banner with movie posters and photos! I love the little reference to my crazy obsession with the word ooshkiminoo. After doing Amanda's survey in the early autumn I was inspired to do my own! So here it is. Answer the questions and post them on your blog! I would quite like to see everyone's answers so if you could email them to me at that would be great! I will properly finish it on the 13th December.
  1. Favourite Actor?
  2. Actress?
  3. Judy Holliday: love her or hate her?
  4. Steve McQueen, Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. Who out of the names listed do you think would be most likely to don a sword and shield and confront a dragon?
  5. From dragon slaying to sheer madness (not that much of a leap), which crazy movie do you like best: Sunset Boulevard or Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
  6. What do you think is the best movie book ever made?
  7. Who do you think is the most attractive male movie star?
  8. Female movie star?
  9. If you had to be a maid/butler (?) to someone, who would it be?
  10. Who do you think Cary Grant worked best with?
  11. Do you like black and white movies more than colour movies?
  12. 1930s films or 1960s films?
  13. Who would you rather be: a Margo Channing or an Ilsa Lund?
  14. Is there ever a film you have seen that you thought would be funnier if meerkats played the leads?
  15. What is your favourite "Oh my goodness" phrase from a movie?
  16. Favourite "Yee Haw" classic movie phrase?
  17. You and your family have to agree on a movie for a night in. What will it always be?
  18. Doris Day: Dramatic or Frothy?
  19. What male team did you think did a great job in a movie, but never made another one together?
  20. You have been asked by your friend to chose your favourite movie title. What is it?
  21. This is just out of curiosity... have you at some point experienced rivalry on a I-have-seen-that-and-you-haven't level?
  22. Most romantic film you have ever seen...
  23. What was the film that really got you into old films?
Ok, so there they are. I will now answer them, if I can!

1. Favourite Actor? James Stewart 

2. Actress? Bette Davis

3. Judy Holliday: love her or hate her? I lean towards hate her, but I could get used to her if I watch a few more of her movies.
4. Steve McQueen, Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. Who out of the names listed do you think would be most likely to don a sword and shield and confront a dragon? I would like to see Errol Flynn try (and fail) but my money would be on the McQueen.
5. From dragon slaying to sheer madness (not that much of a leap), which crazy movie do you like best: Sunset Boulevard or Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? Sunset Boulevard. It is more satisfying.
6. What do you think is the best movie book ever made? "All About All About Eve". So gossipy and informative.
7. Who do you think is the most attractive male movie star? I think James Stewart because he is so lovely and understanding.
8. Female movie star? Bette davis is attractive in her own way, but if I am thinking raving beauty; Audrey Hepburn.

9. If you had to be a maid/butler (?) to someone, who would it be? Ingrid Bergman or William Wyler. Ingrid is so cheery and Willy Wyler looks so clever and interesting. I refrained from saying Bette Davis because I would have liked to have been her friend.
10. Who do you think Cary Grant worked best with? Ingrid Bergman. To quote Taylor Swift, "Sparks fly whenever you smile."
11. Do you like black and white movies more than colour movies? Yes. You get shadows you just don't get in colour.
12. 1930s films or 1960s films?You could rely on 1930s films to be more sincere and generally good than 60s, so I will have to go with 1930s.
13. Who would you rather be: a Margo Channing or an Ilsa Lund? Tough. But my dream is to have Thelma Ritter as a maid so Margo Channing it is. Sorry Bogie, I just don't love you more than Thelma!

14. Is there ever a film you have seen that you thought would be funnier if meerkats played the leads? The Trouble With Harry, LOL!!!! I don't like this film, but with meerkats it would be awesome.
15. What is your favourite "Oh my goodness" phrase from a movie? "Oh my sainted Aunt!" From The Philidelphia Story.
16. Favourite "Yee Haw" classic movie phrase? RAAAASSSSBBBBEEEERRRRIIIIEEEES!!! From Thoroughly Modern Millie.
17. You and your family have to agree on a movie for a night in. What will it always be? National Velvet. SOOOOO cute.
18. Doris Day: Dramatic or Frothy? Dramatic. Breathtaking.
19. What male team did you think did a great job in a movie, but never made another one together? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. They are pure genius.
20. You have been asked by your friend to chose your favourite movie title. What is it? A Matter Of Life And Death. It cracks me up, I have no idea why!
21. This is just out of curiosity... have you at some point experienced rivalry on a I-have-seen-that-and-you-haven't level? Not really. Although Libby beat me to The Philidelphia Story. DARN!!!
22. Most romantic film you have ever seen... The Way We Were and An Affair To Remember.
23. What was the film that really got you into old films? The Wizard Of Oz. My early childhood revolved around it.
     Hope you like it!

    P.S. I have added a few photos since I first published this.

    Thursday, 11 November 2010

    I Didn't Love Rebecca, I Hated Her!

    Well sorry Laurie Ollie (Laurence Olivier), but I LOVE REBECCA! The film is just amazing and even though I have just started the book, it is looking very promising. Just to let everyone know, I have enabled commenting of non-blogger-users, so that means that anyone can comment. Yay :-D!!!! Here is a review of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, Rebecca.

    The Second Mrs. de Winter (I am just going to call her Joan as in Joan fontaine as she is never really named properly) is working as a companion for a bad tempered and wealthy woman called Mrs. Van Hopper, who has taken her to the south of France. They bump into Maxim de Winter who is a well bread upper class Englishman. Mrs. Van Hopper is sure they have met before (come on, can't you do better than that?) but he can not really recall her at all. After being chained to her for a whole lunch, he decides to take Joan to play tennis with him. After a few days he proposes to her. She tells Mrs. Van Hopper and she leaves the hotel with one of the best delivered last lines ever. It's up there with Bette Davis' last line in All About Eve, "Nice speech Eve, but I wouldn't worry too much about your heart, you can always put that award where your heart ought to be." It starts around 6:03.

    Maxim explains about his first marriage to a raving beauty, Rebecca, that ended in a tragic death. Joan is introduced to Manderley a stately home that has been in Maxim's family for generations.
    It all starts smoothly until she realizes she hasn't yet got the nerve to stand up to the vindictive housekeeper Mrs. Danvers or run the servants and huge estate. She gets paranoid and is intimidated by Rebecca's cousin Jack who seems to get along swimmingly with Mrs. Danvers. Mrs. Danvers obsession with Rebecca is so huge that she has kept her bedroom the same as the day she died and makes the bed every day. She is determined to make life for Joan miserable.
    Joan takes the dog on walks along the estate down to the beach where she meets the troubled man who lives in a log cabin. He scares her away, but Maxim assures her that it's nothing. As the weeks progress, it seems there is more to the Rebecca's death than meets the eye. She ends up finding out that it was an accidental death that Maxim blames himself for. They return from court after a finding of Reebecca's body (that had been lost) which opened up the case again, to find Manderley burning with Mrs. Danvers dancing in the flames.
    Uh, oh... Manderley seems to be on fire.

    The Review:
    I love these two together.
    Rebecca is one of my favourite hitchcock movies and has earned a deserved place of my tip top 10 list. Although Hitch said of the film "It's not really a Hitchcock film, it's Daphne du Maurier's,"I love it just as much as the classics like North By Northwest. One part of the story from du Maurier had to be changed to fit the movie census requirements; Rebecca's death. In the book she is shot by Maxim, but in the film she falls over and hits her head after tormenting Maxim. It is Hollywood legend that Hitchcock told Joan Fontaine that no one liked her to make her feel like her character. The only one who really did dislike her was Laurie Ollie who was mad that his girlfriend Vivien Leigh didn't get the role. A really great Gothic film noir.


    Wednesday, 10 November 2010

    Happy Birthday Claude And Richard!

    It would have been Claude Rains' 121st birthday today if he were still with us. A truly remarkable actor who doesn't always get the credit he is due. Plus he was best friends with Bette Davis which is always a good thing. It is perhaps unknown to you that he also had 6 wives.
    Claude Rains ~10th November 1889 - 30th May 1967
    Richard Burton is also an amazing actor who happens to share his birthday with Claude Rains. Although best known for his relationship with Elizabeth Taylor, he was a very good actor who I really love.
    Richard Burton ~ 10th November - 5th August 1984
    And guess what... THEY ARE BOTH FROM ENGLAND!!!! So cool.


    P.S. The results came in from my Bette Davis VS Joan Crawford poll, and I am happy to anounce.....
    Nail drying with style.
    A Bette Davis cigarette card. How cool.
    That dahling Bette won! The exact votes were 5 for Bette, 4 for I-Don't-Know and 1 for Joan Crawford.

    Tuesday, 9 November 2010

    You Hold Your Knife And Fork Just Like A Little Boy Does...

    Woah, my life is C-R-A-Z-Y at the moment! So much is going on! Here is a list of stuff.
    1. I have my grade 5 piano exam in early December wich is a big deal 
    2. We are putting on a Christmas show in the drama department and I have been given one of many mini-monologues that all fit together to make a big piece. I have to learn lines which is always daunting.
    3. I am thinking of taking a speech and drama exam in the spring and on top of all of that...
    4. I have to chose my GCSE options in February/March, and I have to start thinking about favourite subjects and stuff. At the moment my favourites are History, Drama and Science but it could all change and it is all so confusing!
    Anyway, today I was practicing piano when I heard my dog, Snoopy, howling. I get freaked out easily when I'm home alone and usually put about 10 different locks on the door.
    "I'm frightened Auntie Em, I'm frightened!"

    I went in and put on Friends the TV show for him and gave him a hug for a bit. Friends THE TV show put him to sleep :-0 eye carrumba! He is after all my key film-watcher buddy and I am sure that under all of his black and white fur, there lives an inner Greer Garson lover. He also looks a bit like Greer Garson. If she was a dog. I guess.

    I take it back.

    Indiscreet (1958):

    Acomplished actress Anna Kalman is happy and indipendent, but getting into her later years she wants to find a man to share her achievments with. Along comes Philip Adams. The suave and chaming man who seems utterly perfect for Anna. They fall in love and have a great time together and after the first day or two they have great plans for the future. At least, Anna does. Plillip tells her that he is married but his wife doesn't understand him and they have been estranged for years. Being my darling Ingrid, she says that she doesn't mind and that they will work something out. She is told by her sister's husband who works with Phillip, that he is not really married.
    Ingrid Rage here, Ingrid Rage.
    He says it so he doesn't get tied down to anyone. She has a great idea and after a frosty dinner party at some embassy, she makes it look like she has been having dinner with someone else. This involves her butler dressing in a dressing gown and popping in and out of her bedroom doors.

    The Review:
    All this film is missing is Thelma Ritter as the maid. That's not too much to ask, is it? But anyway, Stanley Donan (Singing In The Rain) does a great job at the directorial side of things and Ingrid and Cary are just perfect. The title quote comes from a line from Ingrid Bergman's play in the film. "You hold your knife and frok just like a little boy does... you do Arthur!"

    I am very exited as I ordered Rebecca the novel yesterday, and loving the film so much I can't wait to see what it is like! Yee haw Daphne du Maurier!!!!