Monday, 15 November 2010

The Apartment

I was beyond disappointed today when I found out that my dreams of seeing The Apartment on the big screen were shattered. I was going to see at 6:30pm, and it turns out it isn't even showing! This also means that the even cooler prospect of seeing All About Eve next Monday will probably not happen either. DAMN YOU CINEMA COORDINATORS!!! I will watch at home instead. Here is a review.

The Apartment:


Hard working genuine guy C.C. Baxter is well respected at work and by his friends. But when he gets home, he goes into a whole new atmosphere. His doctor-neighbour wants his liver donated to a university to be examined after he dies, the landlady consistently complains about the noise and he is never free of the smell of liqueur. Little do they all know that the reason for all of this is that he rents his home out to cheating colleagues. It started when he needed more money for the rent and a friend offered him a sum of money to take his secret girlfriend to his house without his wife knowing. Word
got around that he was doing this and he was soon up to his ears in requests. He is often waiting for hours in the street for the house to be ready, and one night he asks out the beautiful elevator girl, Fran to go and see a musical with him. His apartment is full with his boss and his gal, so he needed a place to go. She says she has to tie up another engagement but can be there soon. To his disappointment she doesn't turn up, but he doesn't know she is in his apartment with the boss trying desperately to get out of a horrible cheating relationship. On Christmas eve when C.C. returns to the apartment with a blond he picked up, he finds Fran unconscious on the floor. Will they ever be together in a non-heartbreaking situation?

The Review:
Directed by Billy Wilder, co-written by Billy Wilder and produced by Billy Wilder. How could you get better? The scene where the doctor thinks he and Fran had a row - hence her unconsiousness - is so funny. I love how C.C. strings his spaghetti with a tennis racket, and when Fran asks him why he says, "It's great when I'm making pasta for myself! You should see me serve the meatballs! *Shhppcka* *Shhppcka!* (as he hits imaginary meatballs into the spaghetti)" This is one of my favourite ever films and Jack lemmon is one of my favourite EVER comedians. It also has one of the best ending ever, other than Billy's Some Like It Hot ending. Shirley Maclaine is so cute as always... "Shut up and deal" as she says at the end. An amazingly moving comedy.

P.S. How amazingly cute is that photo of Bette Davis and Spencer Tracy at The Hollywood Canteen? It took ages for the uploader to work. CURSE YOU EVIL BLOGGER UPLOADER!!! But whatever, I forgive it.
Gotta go and finish eating the icing from my sisters school project and finish my own!


suvro said...

One of my all time favoutite.I loved Miss Kubilik and felt for her as she kept on falling in love with the wrong guy.CC Baxter is funniest guy I ever saw.Amazing movie with a sweet story.

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