Sunday, 28 November 2010

I Only Wanna Talk About The Nice Things.

Well, unfortunatley darling, if that applies to you, don't read on. Me and my Mum have just forceed my Dad into watching Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?. Mwaaaa HAHAHAHAHA!!!! But the more we all watched it, the more we felt sorry for Jane, and we all decided that both Joan Crawford and Bette Davis did some of their finest work while at  each others throats. It is a very, shall we say, surprising (?) film. I will try to keep most of it some of it a surprise, but this is me we are talkin' about honey.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

(Parental guidance: This film is rated 12 on my DVD cover, and whenever I ask my 8 year old sister to watch it, she cries. Bear that in mind if you want to show this to a young child.)
The film opens in 1917 at a vaudeville show, in which Baby Jane Hudson is performing. Jane is also a spoilt brat who has become used to having her father dote upon her night and day, while her sister Blanche and her mother watch from the wings. We then skip to 1935, where their roles are reversed considerably. Blanche is now a glamourous Hollywood star while Jane tries desperately to keep up with mediocre pictures that hardly ever got released. Now known as a "talentless broad", Jane takes to alcoholism, and also becomes renouned for her behaviour. One night after a party, the sisters arrive at their mansion and one of them gets out to open the gate. It is unclear who is doing what, but the sister driving drives straight into the sister at the gates. We are now in the present (1962) and Jane is "looking after" Blanche. She feeds her, shouts abuse at her, never lets her out and disconects her phone. Call that looking after? No, me niether.
Blanche is convinced Jane is mentally ill (well, duh - she is kinda alcoholic!?) and wants to send for a doctor as her maid, Elvira says, but due to lack of couragepans phone, she fails to do so. Jane  puts an advert in a newspaper for a pianist to come and re-do her old numbers for a new act, but when he arrives he is 6ft 3 and more than a bit overweight.
Expecting a gorgeous young man to crush on, she is slightly taken aback, but ends up loving him anyway. Increasingly crazy, Jane goes out to get some new costumes and while she is away Blanche crawls down the stairs to call a doctor. Upon arrival, Jane takes one look at Blanche and kicks her and half kills her.
Later, Elvira comes by to see Blanche and is told by Jane that she is fired. They both go away leaving Blanche unnatended. 5 minutes later Elvira comes back and tries to get into Blanches room - which has been locked - with a hammer. Jane is furious when she sees, and as soon as Elvira gets in, Jane kills her with the hammer.

Thats it! I can't tell you the surprise ending, you'll never forgive me!!!

A fabulous lawn display for Halloween inspired by Baby jane.
The Review:
As creepy and sick minded as this film may sound, it is a rather breathaking film. Bette Davis' physicality is just out of this world. She never lets herself out of her slumpy attitude. The hatred between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis is apparent the whole way through. A-n-y-w-ay... it is a really good film. The first thing my dad said really really made me laugh, "Joan looks like Gregory Peck in a wig." LOL :-D!!!!! He said it must have been his most interesting role! Me and my mum also said that even though Joan was wonderful, Bette can just do anything. Me and Libby were having a chat via email the other day about how she was offered the role of a female lumberjack (!) and how we would have paid a large sum of money to see her do it. Yeah. Just amazing.

Yesterday I went to see an amazing musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's Matilda at the Royal Shakespere Company, and it was truly amazing. The man who played Mrs. Trunchbal was just superb. It was a real treat. Thanks to my grandma, if you're reading, who took us.


P.S. This picture of shoe moulds of classic movie stars is just awesomesauce. They are all probably around a 5/6 and then Ingrid Bergman popps up and must be like a size 10! Wow, she must have had to have shoes specially made.


Camille said...

This movie is so stressing lol
But still good :D Bette Davis and Joan Crawford performances are really good.

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