Friday, 26 November 2010

Just Some Classic Movie Ramblings...

So, yesterday I went to my parents evening at my school (yes on thanksgiving) and the general consensus was that I was a good student (thank gawd). It was quite awkward when my humanities (history, RE, geography) teacher, on hearing I want to take history as an option, told me that they study America in the 20s. I went "Yaaaayyyy!!!" It was a good thing I refrained from saying "CHARLIE CHAPLIN!!! THE CHARLESTON!!! FRANK CAPRA!!!" But then he said "We see some film clips too. I love film clips." That was It. I said "I love them too!" Oops I regret it now.
When my English teacher (who is awesome because she also teaches film studies at A-Level) said "What have you been reading recently?", and I said "Well, I'm reading Rebbeca at the moment, and I read Jane Eyre," Then she said "What about over the  summer?", She caught me out. "Errrrr, classic movie books?"

Yeah, then my language teacher told me to read in other languages. Does a Spanish Bette Davis appreciation blog count? While I'm on the subject of Charlie Chaplin, I'll just post a video of my favourite Chaplin movie, Modern Times.

The other parts are linked after you have seen that bit, I hope... Ha! LOL! Just translated the Spanish quotation from Of Human Bondage from Bette Davis' character and it came up as:
You're a Sweetheart, a disgusting pig! I've never imported a single day. I've been teasing you! I was bored to death. I hated it! I felt nauseous every time you gave me a kiss. Just to let you hurt.
I crawled to my feet, I went crazy, and after he kissed me I had to wipe my mouth. Yes, I cleaned it! ... Do you know what you are, monster cojitranco? A disabled. Lame, but that lame!
 Errrr, I don't know what the real speech is word for word, but it don't sound like that darlin'.



Clara said...

LOL, that was a funny reading :) I haven't seen Of Human Bondage (is it good?), so I have no idea what is the original Spanish quote...but if you need help with Spanish, count with me. Oh, is it "All about All about Eve" good?

Bette said...

I haven't seen Of Human Bondage, just that clip! Thanks for the Spanish advice offer, you may regret it. At 2am one morning you may get an email from a very stressed Bette asking for advice on a test! All About All About Eve is fantastic. Very gossipy!


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