Thursday, 25 November 2010

Who Told You You're Aloud To Rain On My Parade?

Just before I rant about the complete and utter awesomeness of Funny Girl, here is my favourite photos I have seen recently.
Bette Davis and her second husband "Farney"
A vintage advert for shampoo using pictures of Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardener
You have to look close at this, but it's a vintage review of The Bride Came C.O.D. and an advert for Tampax. Vintage advertising rocks my socks.
A cute still from my almost-favourite film Now Voyager.
“Get a cat and a parrot and live alone in single blessedness.” says Bette in Now Voyager, but how can you say that when you have Paul Henried saying "I love you," over a cute kids shoulder? Jeez.
 We are forecast snow in my darling England, but in me-weather-reading that counts as slushy glop along the roads. Whoopee! Not.

Funny Girl

(This is a bio-pic of Fanny Brice so don't worry about my awful plot spoilers, this is all Hollywood-ized non fiction. I will intersperse the plot with photos and videos of the songs to help you visualise.)
Young Fanny Brice comes from a cheerful Jewish family who have always been 100% behind Fanny's every move. But when  she goes to audition for a beautiful girl group at the local theatre, they think she is out of her mind. She just wants to be on stage and ends up making the rehearsals a calamity, and she is fired.

The choreographer rehires her secretly for a roller skate act thinking she can skate, but she makes the act a comedy by not being able to skate. She is a hit, and they ask her out to sing a song in which she skates beautifully. Handsome gambler Nick Arnestien meets her for the first time back-stage and manages to help her get a higher salary

Soon an offer comes from Florenz Zigfield for her to star in The Zigfield Follies and she jumps at it. She gets the job on the condition that she sings the lead in the wedding scene finale. Embarrassed about singing of her "Incomparable beauty", she stuffs a pillow up her dress and does the whole act "pregnant".

Yet again she meets Nick Arnestien and the two go to Fanny's mothers saloon for a party. They kiss, but it is a year before they meet up again.

On a tour in Baltimore, she meets Nick at the train station and while she is there they become involved in a passionate love affair.

When Fanny is told Nick has to go on a boat to Europe to play cards, she is distraught at the fact that she can't go too. She goes to join him anyway and they get married on the boat.

Now married with a baby, and more wealthy than her husband, Fanny's marriage starts to collapse, and after he fails to appear at her opening night, they have a huge argument. In a fit of self pity, Nick gets involved with an phony bond deal and is put in prison for 18 months.

They agree that they will both think about getting a divorce while he is in prison, and when he is out, they will decide. He comes to her a year and a half later and tells her that he still thinks they should get a divorce. Enraged and crushed, Fanny goes on stage to sing her song, the befitting "My Man". Fade to black.

The Review:
Barbara Streisand is just one of the best actresses/singers ever. and she sends goosepimples up my spine every time I hear her sing these songs. We are having a bit of an obsession with the soundtrack in my house and we wont listen to anything else in the car. The songs by Bob Merril and Jule Styne are just magic. This film is a must see for any film lover.

I have a day off from school tomorrow, movies here I come!



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