Thursday, 2 December 2010

Frankly Ma Dear, I Give A Damn!

I am exhausted after a long piano practice. My exam is on SATURDAY!!!! And I do give a damn about how I do. I want everything to be perfect, meaning loads of practice (thats why i'm blogging instead right now ;D). But I really need some stress release, so here is a load of miscellenious anecdotes, photos, and ramblings.

Well, here is an anecdote I really, really love and it's from no other than ma main man, Monsiour Humphrey Bogart. I think it's exerpted from a book, I found it while browsing the internet.

“Bogart did drink. ‘I think the whole world is three drinks behind,’ he used to say, ‘and it’s high time it caught up.’ On one occasion he and a friend bought two enormous stuffed panda bears and took them as their dates to El Morocco. They sat them in chairs at a table for four and when an ambitious young lady came over and touched Bogart’s bear, he shoved her away. ‘I’m a happily married man,’ he said, ‘and don’t touch my panda.’
The woman brought assault charges against him, and when asked if he was drunk at four o’clock in the morning, he replied, ‘Sure, isn’t everybody?’ (The judge ruled that since the panda was Bogart’s personal property, he could defend it.)”
-excerpted from Peter Bogdanovich’s Who the Hell’s In It

In a 1949 LA Times article about Pandagate, Bogart defended his drunken misbehavior on constitutional grounds: “So we get stiff once in a while. So we have a little fun. What’s wrong with that? This is a free country, isn’t it? I can take my panda any place I want to. And if I wanna buy it a drink, that’s my business.”
(TIME magazine’s original 1949 article about the incident can be read here).
I love that. It's so cool that he loved pandas. Just the kinda story to read while in cosy black and white (black and white panda, get it?) pull ons. Hahahahaha. While I have been exploring my dad's new photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom, I did this surreal colourization of a Bette Davis picture.
Bette's Classic Movie Blog 2010 ©
if you want to use it (or any of the photos I note I have created) please give credit where credit is due and link to my blog. Here follow a series of classic movie christmas photos which I guess could be used as anything. I just think they are cute!
Bette's Classic Movie Blog 2010 ©
Bette's Classic Movie Blog 2010 ©
I will probably be posting a lot about Christmas films in the near future. I love them! I am slightly aprehensive about White Christmas. Two soldiers (one of whom happens to be a singer and Bing Crosby. Grrrrrr. I can't remember the names of the characters) are stationed somewhere in Europe. They put on a show in which Bing Crosby's character sings "White Christmas", and an air-raid starts. Conveniently, a wall nearly falls on Bing, and Danny Kaye happens to push him out of the way. Danny then claims that Bing owes him his life and wants him to be a duet act with him. There follows a very funny scene where they dress up as Vera Ellen and Rosmary Clooney and sing "Sisters", and something about putting on a show in a barn-ish thing (Summer Stock or what?). You gotta admire the film overall. The best things in it are the songs, Danny kaye and Rosmary Clooney.
Rosemary and Vera singing "Sisters"
Bing and Danny singing "Sisters"
Listening to Barbra Striesand do a very Jewish rendition of "Ave Maria". Have a great rest of day/evening/whatever-of-the-day-you-have-left!



Clara said...

HAHA, great anecdote & picture, thanks for sharing Bette!

Sarah said...

I read that book and love Bogie's panda story! Hilarious!

Stephanie said...

Hello, I just stumbled across your blog and love it! You have great taste in movies! I'm a huge Humphrey Bogart fan, I use to run a site called "The Bogart Site", the panda story was one of my favorites, I had forgotten about it. Now I run The Rock Hudson Blog...

Maybe we can collaborate on something in the future to hopefully get us both a little more traffic?

Beth said...

Best movie quote ever: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

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