Sunday, 12 December 2010

Happy Would-Have-Been Birthday Mr. Sinatra!

I do try and limit my birthday posts so as the awesomeness doesn't clogg up the review space, but Frank Sinatra is just so cool he almost deserves a blog of his own. He is on of my all time favourite singers. Not to mention a wonderful actor. He makes me weep in Young At Heart with Doris Day and Gig Young. He was such an individual performer. It makes me so depressed with some of the music nowadays. I love people like Paloma Faith (British pop-rock individual singer), and watching The X-Factor yesterday, there was one girl I loved for her individual style, a mix of ballads and raps, and she was voted off the show. We are so restrictive with individual artists these days. I noticed I had 30 followers this morning. Wow. That's a lot of followers. Thanks you guys for making me happy!
Frank Sinatra, King of all things awesome, 1915 - 1998
Frank Sinatra and his wife, Ava Gardener



Java Bean Rush said...

Awesome blog you have here, Bette.
- Java

rebekah said...

i'm in love with your blog.

silvia said...

Nice blog!

I invite you all to visit mine over Frank Sinatra,


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