Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Everything Today Is Thoroughly Modern

I watched The Sound of Music (1964) on sunday and wanted to post a little about it, but I think I'm going to spend some time writing some good posts about it because it really does deserve more than one. I can surely find some good anecdotes too ;-). So, today I am still reviewing a Julie Andrews movie, Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967). Because It's a rainy day, I love the 20s, and this film is inexplicably awesome.

Thoroughly Modern Millie


It's New York in 1922 and young girl, Millie Dillmount is living in Mrs. Meers' "Pricilla Hotel (for single young ladies)" and looking for work as a stenographer. her plans for the future are quite simple: get a job as a stenographer  to a rich man, marry said rich man and live happily ever after. Millie bumps into the delicate and wealthy Dorothy Brown who insists on being called Ms. Dorothy and paying for even the smallest of amounts of money with a checkbook. They become very good friends. Dorothy checks into the Pricilla hotel and is given the room number of one of Millie's friends and is informed that she went back to her hometown insisting she was "just a restless girl." When Mrs. Meers learns that Dorothy is an orphan she says "Sad to be all alone in the world." While all this is going on, Mrs. Meers is kidnapping her guests and selling them into white slavery, so orphans are a main target.
At a hotel dance Millie meets lively "paperclip business man", Jimmy Smith. He takes her around town driving on the wrong side of the road in his boss's red Roadster. He also takes her and Ms. Dorothy to his benefactress's mansion on Long island. Mrs. Van Hossmere, or as she is known, Muzzy is quite the hostess, with a fountain of gin and a performance of "Little Jazz Baby". Millie starts to realize that she loves Jimmy, and not her boss Trevor Graydon, but is convinced that he loves Ms. Dorothy when he sees them running in and out of each other's guest rooms.

Now back in New York Millie interrogates Dorothy about the weekend but she says she is just upset about her career in the theatre which never really took off. (Meanwhile, Mrs. Meers is taking every chance to kidnap Dorothy.)

~~~This is a very long film, so here follows the rest of the plot in note form~~~

  • Dorothy falls in love with Trevor Graydon and Millie falls for Jimmy
  • Millie throws a cigarette into a fireworks factory where they are keeping the girls and while the whole thing is blowing up, she goes in to find Dorothy and Jimmy (dressed as a girl) who have by now been kidnapped.
  • Mrs. Meers and Millie get involved in a car chase, with Mrs. Meers screaming all the while "SHOO SHOW!!! SHOO SHOW!!!"
  • Muzzy uses her Spanish rope tricks to catch Mrs. Meers and push her into a pond where she exclaims "Oh POOK!!! Sad to be all alone in the world *achoo*."

Despite the fact that there is a randomly placed Jewish Wedding scene in the middle of the film (with Julie Andrews singing in Yiddish), this film is just great. "Oh Pook" is now a common phrase in my family and we all use Muzzy's catchphrase, "RAZBERRIES!!!!!"

George Roy Hill directed this and he did a great job. He must have been so versatile, he also directed Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. Julie Andrews is just amazingly cute, and so is Mary tyler Moore, but the show is definitely stolen by Carol Channing as Muzzy.

She is so energetic that you get tired just watching her. And then she got shot out of a cannon and tossed around by some russian (or something like that?!) acrobats... So cool.
Oh help.
I just love everything, and James Fox's American accent is great! You'd never guess he's British.
I was just sitting and watching it and suddenly they started doing Jewish wedding dances and singing in Yiddish I was just like...

Really good musical.



Clara said...

I love this movie too, even when some scenes were very silly. The main song is so cool, and Julie obviously rocks as a flapper girl...

-"do you have a mo?"
-"a what?"
-"a moment"


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