Friday, 4 February 2011

Mr Smith Goes To Washington (1939)

I watched Mr Smith Goes To Washington last sunday and loved it loads. Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur TOGETHER *YEPPEE*!!!! Sorry I haven't posted over the past week, I have had maths tests and have been revising. I then got told yesterday by my humanities teacher that I had lots of history homework due in on monday. I was like..
"Frankly my dear I don't GIVE a damn. I'm going to be too busy knitting and spending time browsing the web for amazing Clark Gable and Ingrid Bergman pics."

But it's good, I love History (surprise, surprise) and the Vietnam War is very interesting. I don't have a show on at the moment so that's one less worry.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1949)

The government in Washington D.C. is corrupt, allowing rich men to pass bills designed to make them money. One state is dominated by the money of one man, a Mr. Taylor, who has been able to buy up much of the state and control everything. When one of the senators suddenly dies, a young youth-worker named Mr. Jefferson Smith is taken on to replace him. Running away on the first day and taking a tour-bus around the washington sights like an over-exited child, he is definitely one of life's enthusiasts. Mr. Smith knows nothing of the ruthless environment that these hard edged businessmen strive in, and that was the precise reason that Senator Joseph Harrison Pine hired him. When Smith's secretary, Clarissa Saunders finds out about the motives behind them hiring him, she initially decides that they are working her too hard and she doesn't need an extra worry on her hands.
Later on, she finds herself falling in love with Mr. Smith (James Stewart) and helping him write a bill to put into practice his idea to establish a national boys camp - out in a field in an area he knows of near his old home. They think it is a good idea in the Senate, but a conveniently planned date with Joseph Paine's daughter stops Mr. Smith from attending the meeting. It turns out that the site that Smith plans to camp on is where Mr. Taylor and Mr. Paine plan to build a dam, from which Taylor will profit by selling land that he has bought up cheaply, and which Paine will guide a bill for through the Senate. In a desperate attempt to stop Smith going ahead with the boys camp plan, Paine accuses him of already owning the land that millions of boys across the country are sending their pocket money to buy, therefore supposedly giving Smith a huge profit. We know these are all lies, but no one else will believe Smith.
But Clarissa, who comes to find him after a sudden resignation from her post after hearing that Smith was going out with Joseph Paine's daughter, decided that she would come back to him and help him through. At the Senate in the next meeting, Jefferson manages to hold the floor by using his rights to "Filibuster" (extend a debate) to protest against his wrongful accusation.
After many hours of this, he receives a note from Clarissa saying, "I love you!" - the first time she has told him she loves him. Smith gets lots of news coverage, but with Mr. Taylor filling all the newspapers in the state - which he owns - with lies about Smith - will Smith and Clarissa work everything out?
It's amazing how relevant this film is now. Just the other day in my beautiful England we had a case that a group of politicians used the "Filibuster" rule to stop the House of Lords passing a law about the voting system. They became so tired and out of ideas that just to keep talking (to hold the floor) that one of them even gave the House of Lords a lecture on prime numbers (!?) Frank Capra is seriously one of the best directors evah.
He is seriously genius. Claude Rains' characterization is just stupendous. No one could have done it better in a million years. James stewart is the most optimistic person ever... NO ONE IS MORE HAPPY THAN HIM!!!! He and Judy Garland (along with Greer Garson and Cary Grant)  were surely the most optimistic people in the world. Jean Arthur is just great, this is my first film I have seen her in other than The Talk Of The Town. A really well thought out film that said a lot about political issues.



Sarah said...

Glad you liked it, its one of my favourites too. I'm sure you're going to love Mr Deeds too!

Page said...

I love this film! Watching Mr Deeds again this weekend while snowed in.
This film is when I developed a huge crush on Stewart. I found myself oddly attracted to that tall drink of water about 10 minutes in.

biplob said...

The movie is one of the best movie that i have ever seen.Glad you like the movie

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