Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Ok, so the other day I actually taught myself the ukulele. I had been meaning to for ages, and now that I can play pretty much all necessary chords on my acoustic guitar I decided it was time to teach myself the Ukulele as well. After I learned on my sister's little red soprano ukulele my Mum got me a nice wooden concert ukulele (slightly lower than a soprano) and I named it Sugar after Marilyn Monroe's character in Some Like It Hot. I can now proudly quote her and say 'I play the ukulele and I sing too!". Which leads me on to another thing, blogging. I haven't posted in ages (apart from the Japan Blogathon), and this has been partly due to my many instrument playing. I have had a busy schedule this past few weeks, as I had my grade three flute exam yesterday. That may not seem a lot, but when you are choosing your GSCE options  + keeping up grade 6 piano + grade 5 music theory + singing with guitar accompaniment + going to drama club + homework the work piles up. So yeah. That's my excuse. Here's the review of Some Like It Hot.

Some Like It Hot, Directed and co-written by Billy Wilder

Pair of struggling musicians Joe and Jerry are working happily in an illegal bar in Chicago while prohibition was on. One night they are found out by the police. They make a run for it, only just escaping. Now broke and homeless, they go to their agency asking if there are any jobs available. They hear about a job in Florida in a band but realize they have been tricked by Joe's ex girlfriend and the job is for girls. They manage to pick up a spot of work in another city, much to their joy. While they are filling the car with petrol they witness the Valentines Day massacre of 1929 led by 'Spats' Colombo. Again, they make a run for it, hoping not to be spotted by the gangsters. They dress as girls and take the job in Florida.
When they get on the train with the other girls they both fall for the ukulele player/singer, Sugar. Once in Florida, both Jerry and Joe (now renamed Daphne and Josephine respectively) get up to crazy things. Jerry is pursued by old millionaire Osgood Feilding III who is constantly ending sentences with "ZOWIE!!" Joe dresses as a millionaire with a Cary Grant accent to get Sugar. Both ending in hilarious situations.
This is seriously one of the best films ever made. It is so hilarious I laugh out loud whenever I see it. my family received a great picture book with interviews and the whole script in it from family friends for Christmas, so maybe some posts about that later!

Billy Wilder is genius. Both Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are fantastic as the two cross-dressing musicians. Marilyn Monroe is also amazing. The script is just so hilariously funny. Every line is like a quote. I just adore this film! Again, if you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT NOW!!!!



Camille said...

This movie is just, like you said, one of the best ever made. I laugh like I never laugh in front of a movie the 1st time I saw it, and the other times too.

Kalli said...

I love this movie! It's one of my favorites. Great post!

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