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Teacher's Pet (1958)

{All Teacher's Pet graphics in this post were made by me. Not photos, only graphics. Feel free to use them, but I'd be grateful for a credit!}

I have recently been having a ball making GIFs on a this graphic maker site, and when I watched Teacher's Pet I had a complete field day making GIFs from it. As you can see, Clark Gable's double takes just had to be immortalized in GIF form. Forever. Full stop. {Ignore the man walking past who looks like he has been abducted by aliens, I am not an experience graphics maker.}

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So, yes - I just love this film! My goodness, everything about it is just beyond amazing. And I just watched It Happened One Night so I am still in a "Dear Mr. Gable" phase. But then I looked on wikipedia and found out he was 57 when he made this movie and Doris Day was in her thirties... But who cares. HE IS CLARK GABLE!!!

The film is about this tough, wisecracking newspaper editor, James Ganon (sound familiar? :-D) who hates education. He never even got to high school, but he takes it in his stride and promotes experience against education. One day, a journalism teacher writes him a letter requesting him to talk to her class. Needless to say he is furious and writes her a letter that includes phrases like, "When you are the editor of a major New York paper the job leaves you little time for such pleasantries as the canning of crab-apples, tours around Rockerfeller Centre and visits to journalism classes." But when he visits the class to apologise under the order of his superiors he sees the teacher, Erica Stone (or in other words, Doris Day).
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He pretends to be a wallpaper salesman and after submitting one great story in class (he should be writing them, he is a professional journalist!) he gets other bright sparks at his paper to write assignments for him.

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"He's a phsycologist!"

He realizes that the affections of Erica Stone are being taken by psychologist, Hugo Pine (Gig Young) so he tries to make her jealous by knowing more than him. They meet at a nightclub where Ganon's girlfriend is singing. Ganon and Hugo Pine end up spiking each other's drinks until finally Hugo collapses. I won't tell you any more for fear of ruining the end.

I can't believe this is such a little known film! It is so hilarious and clever. The script was written by director, Garson Kanin's brother and his wife, Micheal and Kay Kanin. It won the Academy Award it so rightfully deserved. You all know how I feel about Clark Gable and Doris Day, but the performance that always really stands out for me is Gig Young's performance as Hugo Pine.

Not many people know all that much about Gig Young, and I've only seen him in this and Young At Heart. I know he was married to Bewitched (which is the best TV show ever, do not try and deny it) star Elizabeth Montgomery. His comic timing is sheer genius. The scene in the club where he starts playing the bongo is one of the funniest things I've seen in my life.

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The other star performance is from Mamie Van Doren, the Marilyn Monroe wannabe. She turns a relatively small role as Clark Gable's girlfriend into one of the key parts of the scene.

I have practically grown up with this film, as it's a favourite of my parents.

Recently in my English class we have been doing gothic novels and watching lots of movies. The last one we watched was Kenneth Braghnah's Frankenstein *shudder*. What happened to real gothic films! Wuthering Heights (1939), Rebecca (1940), Jane Eyre (1944) and Great Expectations (1946)? Or just plain reading a book! The best ones we've seen so far though, have been an animation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart" narrated by the spectacular James Mason:

And today we saw the beginning of The House On Haunted Hill (1959). Vincent Price officially freaks me out. It really depressed me that when the teacher put on the 1931, Boris Karloff + Basil Rathbone version of Frankenstein children in my class moaned and cried "But it's in black and white!" :-( One girl even hid under the table and I asked her what she was doing and she said "It's in black and white. I won't watch it." The teacher also thought it was made in the 50s... A little weird as they are all decked out in thirties outfits and the film quality really looks old... Rant over. Go watch this film now!

P.S. I'm so grateful to all the bloggers who are tagging me from their Stylish Blog Award posts! At the moment I have counted three tags, and the last one I read was from Meredith at Forever Classics, so there is your link, Meredith! You have a great blog :-)


Audrey said...

I love that gif of Mamie van Doren's reaction!

I think this movie is so funny and very underrated. And I agree with you about Gig Young's performance--I thought he was fantastic.

Sure Gable was a little old and Doris Day's haircut wasn't the most flattering (am I the only one who thinks that?) but this film is still so funny and fresh that it makes up for any minor problems.

Camille said...

Teacher's Pet is a really great movie. And i love the song Teacher's Pet x)
Audrey, I'm agree with you for Doris Day's haircut :)

DearMrGable said...

I love your graphics--too cute! I love this film because it was the first film in a long time in which Clark acted goofy and didn't take himself seriously. He actually looks like he is having fun in the role, probably for the first time since the War.

Despite the age difference, I thought him and Doris had good chemistry.Moreso than some of his other much younger costars of the '50's, like Carroll Baker, Sophia Loren and Yvonne deCarlo. And I agree about Doris' haircut. She looked better with the bob.

kanai said...

Despite the age difference, I thought him and Doris had good chemistry.Moreso than some of his other much younger costars of the '50's, like Carroll Baker, Sophia Loren and Yvonne deCarlo. And I agree about Doris' haircut. She looked better with the bob.

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