Friday, 13 May 2011

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

It was Katharine Hepburn's birthday yesterday, so I thought it might be the perfect day to do the review of Bringing Up Baby which I have been meaning to get published for ages. I really, really like Katharine Hepburn. I've seen her and really liked her in quite a few movies.

My posts about Katharine Hepburn:

Bringing Up Baby Dir. Howard Hawks

Quiet and composed paleontologist David Huxley is desperate to complete his brontosaurus bone collection and even his fiancee/secretary is willing to have a purely "professional" relationship so he can concentrate (much to his disappointment). On a trip to try and convince a lawyer to get his client to donate $1m to his museum he meets clumsy young lady Susan Vance while she is trying to drive away in his car.

In an attempt to patch things up with the lawyer, Mr. Peabody, David goes to a restaurant to have another chat but yet again bumps into Susan. They both end up ripping each other's clothes and have to leave immediately. When Susan finds out that Mr. Peabody is in fact her aunt's lawyer, she goes and tries to wake up Mr. Peabody later in the night with David -  however, unsuccessfully. The next morning she calls up David at the office asking him if he wants her tame leopard, Baby, who has a love for the tune "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" (as you do).

He realizes that she has mistaken him for a zoologist and laughs off the suggestion until she becomes so desperate that she pretends the leopard is attacking her to get him to come over. She forces the leopard on them and they end up going on a crazy car journey to her aunt's farm to keep him in a barn.

Now filthy on his wedding day, David takes a shower but Susan sneakily takes his clothes and hides them somewhere out of sight. Stuck in her bathrobe he runs downstairs only to find Susan's aunt questioning Susan about himself and their dog, George has stolen and buried David's final bone for his brontosaurus. They spend the evening trying to find the bone and Baby who has now escaped. This leads them to all sorts of strange situations...
I really, really liked this film. Cary Grant with thick, geeky specs is the best thing I have ever seen. Love.

So weird... and totally amazing :-)

Unfortunately, some of the things Susan did reminded me of some awfully clumsy moments of my own :S but she was so sweet you didn't really care she was so strange and clumsy. Both Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are great in their roles. I love them together!

Can I just say... ASTA IS IN THIS MOVIE!!!! Why did no one tell me this amazing fact? I really want to get a dog like him to be company for for my dog Snoopy! (Image of Asta found at And... Scene!)

One the best feel-good screwball comedies ever.



Page said...

I'm so glad you did this review! "Bringing Up Baby" is my favorite comedy of time.

I've seen the film at least 40 times and every time I re-watch the scene of Grant chasing George around in those flip flops and socks I die laughing. It's just top notch from beginning to end.
Well done!

ttea said...

It's a great movie and the clothes and acting are just phenomenal. I did a post on Hepburn not long ago you might like.

Kate Gorman said...

I just rewatched Bringing Up Baby on DVD today for the first time in years. I love it! It's so funny and makes you feel good! xx

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