Saturday, 23 July 2011

I Love Your Funny Face...

Saw Funny Face (1957) and fell in love with the beautiful Stanley Donen direction and amazing George and Ira Gershwin songs like "S'Wonderful and How Long Has This Been Going On?". Plus it has Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in it. Both. There. At. The. Same. Time. And Audrey is playing an assistant in a bookshop. This film is full of "Well, that's something you don't see every day!", moments, and it is pretty awesome.

The story is that Head of a "Vogue" equivalent fashion magazine, "Quality", Maggie Prescott (Kay Thompson) needs a good model for their spread for the intelligent woman who likes clothes spread, and finds Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), an assistant at a psychology bookshop while using the shop for a shoot. Photographer, Dick Avery discovers her and convinces her to join the modelling world by breaking the news to her that she will be modelling in Paris, where she has always wanted to go and see her favourite lecturer. But when they arrive in Paris there is lots of other things that she wants to do besides modelling, but she finds herself falling head over heels for Dick Avery. But can everything work out with the entry of lecturer Professor Emile Flostre (Michael Auclair)?

It was such a sweet movie. While not one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn or Fred Astaire films, it still manages to rank pretty high just by it's nice atmosphere and all. I love the classic "Think Pink" scene where all the doors are painted pink and all of Ms. Prescott's minions don pink garb and one even dyes their hair pink (according to my sister, I didn't catch it though.) just like the amazing Kate Gabrielle, who rocks her new pink locks! (Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)

Pink toothpaste. Hmmmm.

I just love the songs in this film. I play the ukulele and sing and recently I've taken to covering classic musical / jazz standards on it and singing a cool arrangement and this film is full of great songs to do that with :-) I particularly love, "How long Has This Been Going On?" which I'd already heard either Dinah Washington or Billie Holiday cover, and it was nice to hear Audrey Hepburn singing it, as for My Fair Lady she is dubbed over.

Fred Astaire is amazing as usual. Me and two other close school-friends have established the Fred Astaire appreciation society.

This mainly consists of random conversations about how awesome it is that he danced on ceilings and how we wish we were Ginger Rogers. As you can tell, me and my friends are top of the cool list at school. As some of the boys in my class would say, "Yeez, innit blad!"

I. Want. This. Dress. So. Bad.

Now, I'm off to Greece tomorrow morning for two and a half weeks, and I'll miss you all so much!!! We managed to bag a brand new Audrey Hepburn box-set in English disc region compatibility which is great because my favourites like Sabrina, Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady are on american DVDs which don't work on my dad's laptop and now the new ones will work! I also came across an old penguin copy of Dasheil Hammet's "The Thin Man" (also known as the base upon the amazing William Powell and Myna Loy legend was built) and shall read that over the break! Also, just wanted to recommend "The Help" which I just read and my mum is about to start. I don't mention books a lot on this blog, but this book was super good :-)

No, I won't be fishing.

There should be posts a-plenty when I get back as I am free and on 6 weeks summer holiday as of now, so should have loads of time and ideas. See you in a bit!



Libby said...

I did love this but seriously? Audrey has to have better taste than dancing in a graveyard with Fred Astaire. He was better than Creepy French Guy but still... urgh.
A bit better than Breakfast At Tiffanys, not as good as Sabrina. But close!
Also, BaT is based on Truman Capote's novel but his Holly is blonde. Can I just say how wrong that is? That is wrong.

Sophie said...

I love Funny Face, it's one of my favourite Audrey films :) Have a lovely holiday!

Clara said...

You play the uke too? That's so cool! We should exchange songs chords :) I enjoy "Funny Face", even when it's not one of my faves either. I love the songs and the dresses, and I love Paris. My favorite scene is "Basal Metabolism" :) Have fun in Greece!!

Craig Wingard said...

This is one of my favorite movies. I adore the musical numbers, photography and costumes.

[Blame Mame Blog]

pablo said...

I also liked the musical number ''Clap yo' hands'', a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great movie ! Great style !

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