Saturday, 20 August 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Given to me by two of the sweetest bloggers that I know, and, if I could, I would award the award right back to you! It was given to me by Meredith at Forever Classics and Rianna at Frankly My Dear. I've followed Meredith for quite some time and love her blog, and I recently discovered Rianna's blog Frankly My Dear and it's great! Amazing particularly as it's only been around for a couple of months!

So, I have to write 7 facts about myself. Ok then... {By the by, they might be a bit random, as I used up all the normal ones when I got the stylish blogger award}
  1. I used to live in America from when I was 18 months to five and a half. I lived in Chicago for a while, and then Cambridge MA, and I had have an uncontrollable obsession with the PBS Kids TV show Arthur ;-)
  2. My british accent is probably a little less posh than Greer Garson and Celia Johnson. And yes, I do drink tea and live in the country surrounded by sheep and cows.
  3. I have a thing for the 50s/60s TV series, "Bewitched". It is amazing beyond all belief of amazingness and I refuse to watch any further than series 5 when Dick York is replaced by Dick Sargent. Grrrrr.
  4. Recently people have been saying to me (to quote the fish and chip van man who I saw yesterday), "Wow! You must've grown about a foot since I last saw you!", or "You're getting taller!" So I run excitedly home to measure myself, hoping that I'll be near the 5ft 6/7 measurements of most of my friends, and without fail, the tape says 5ft 3.5. And it has for about 10 months. It kind of makes me laugh actually!!!
  5. I am really bad at compiling lists filled with facts about myself! This very list has taken me forever!!!
  6. I love vintage and vintage inspired clothing. There is this amazing shop in my town which has antiques in the front and a great vintage area at the back! They also have "Picturegoer" magazines + the like, and old sheet music *swoon*...
  7. I once played a grave digger in my primary school leaver's production of "A Christmas Carol". I narrated the play with the assistance of my trusty grave digger buddy. It was quite fun actually and I got to wield a shovel and throw bedsheets over my head and pretend to be a ghost. Could you ask for anything more?
Now for the amazing linking of the fantasmagorically awesomesauce bloggers, some of whom i have tagged before but shall tag again for their superness...
  1. Clara at Via Marguetta 51 ~ An amazing blogger who has knowledge beyond belief of classic film and her posts always draw me in :-)
  2. Sophie at Waitin' On A Sunny Day (who I can now tag, because before, she tagged me!) ~ Sophie is also a classic film fan residing in England who writes hilarious and very interesting posts . Also love her box set series!
  3. Libby at Catching The Stars ~ Such a sweet blog and a great friend. One of the first blogs I really read and her photographs and writing are amazing!
  4. Millie at ClassicForever ~ Millie is definitely one of the sweetest bloggers I know. She writes great posts about her favourite movies and has an awesome eclectic taste in film! She is also doing great work in Sierra Leone and I just wanted to wish her luck and keep going, it's amazing!
  5. Audrey at Fedoras and High Heels ~ I love this blog. We agree about loads of films and she has a lovely way of writing reviews as well as being very sweet :-D
  6. Luna at Hummingbirds Honeysuckle and Hearts ~ Luna is such a good friend and her vlogs are simply hilarious! She also does great fashion posts.
  7. Kate Gabrielle at Scathingly Brilliant ~ I have been reading this blog for ages and it is that blog that I check every day to check for updates. Fantastic blog. Fantastic outfit posts and hair that makes me sing, "Think Pink!"
  8. Emily at The Silver Screen Affair ~ I absolutely adore this blog. Emily is so sweet and all of her posts (aside from being frequent and interesting) are filled with great pictures she finds.
  9. Sarah at And...Scene! ~ It's another great one I've read for ages and ages and her reviews never fail, and her picture posts of stars doing their own thing are great!
  10. KC at Classic Movies ~ Check every day for her great birthday posts and classsic links. Yay!
  11. Meredith at Movie Montage ~ I've always liked this blog and Meredith's super cool movie thoughts, and recently she wrote a great article about Greer Garson which you can find on her blog! It was super amazing!
  12. Whitney at she is Too Fond Of Books/We Have The Stars ~ Whitney was my first blogging pal. We exchanged emails about what life would have been like if Bette Davis had played in Dracula and about movies both of us should watch. She has a great book blog and blogs fantastically about books I often haven't read. My reading list is piling up ;-D. Her classic film blog is good too!
Well, thank you for the award Meredith and Rianna! I would have awarded you if you hadn't just awarded me, it would have been a bit pointless! But you both have great blogs. I love these tagging things. they give you a chance to give credit where credit is due to your favourite blogs :-)



Libby said...

Thank you kindly, Bette! And I'm just going to say it now... holy cow I actually love that vintage shop it's like an oasis of wonderment in a desert of hollister & primark.

Clara said...

Aww, thanks Bette!!

Clara said...

Just gave you another award :)


Sophie said...

Thank you so much, Clara! :) Haha, I didn't see this post before I wrote my Irresistibly Sweet BA post, so you have another nomination! :)

KC said...

Thanks so much! I love your blog :-)

Meredith said...

Aww thank you Bette! I'm glad you liked the article. :D Your current surroundings sound like my cup of tea. How heavenly.

Emily said...

Hi Bette, Looks like I am too late, but I want to give the another Irresistably Sweet Blog Award! Your blog is adorable and I looove to read it. Keep up the good work!

Bette said...

Thanks all!!! Over the moon to have such amazing readers :-D


Audrey said...

Congratulations on the award, Bette! You have a great blog. :)

Thank you also for gifting me the award and for your kind words. I'm truly grateful (and flattered!).

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