Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photo Of The Day

{Oleg Cassini and Grace Kelly scanned by me}

I was watching Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief (1955) and remembered how I actually do like her. I always see The Philadelphia Story and compare Katharine Hepburn's fantastic performance to her OK one in High Society and obviously immediately think, oh, she can't be any good. Because I just like Katharine Hepburn more and think she is a better actress, but I do like Grace Kelly in some things :-)

I have just come back from being at my friends house with my sister all day. We got up to all kinds of awesomeness. In 9 hours we managed to help my sister with her homework, challenge and sometimes be beaten by 9 year olds on my sister's maths website to earn her credits (oops), learn to finger knit, bake a red velvet cake (chocolate with red food coulouring. Yum.), make facial hair disguises for ourselves and then wear them to go and check up on my dog (yes. We got weird looks), eat dinner and watch Woman Of The Year (it was my friend's birthday yesterday and I gave a her a book on shopping vintage and the Tracy/Hepburn signature set - the best thing ever - as she is my classic film buddy :-D). It was very productive, in a Bette-with-her-two-equally-hyper-comrades-together-in-a-house kind of way :-D!


P.S. Don't forget the voting for the Bette Davis contest is still on, you can vote HERE


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Grace and Oleg Cassini! I love seeing Grace look bookish with her glasses on. :) Have you read Gene Tierney's book? She talks a lot about her marriage to Oleg Cassini and their little daughter Daria, who was born with multiple disabilities. Sad, but a lovely read.

StanwyckFan said...

That's a great picture. :) Gotta love those glasses!!

Julie said...

That sounds like an awesome time - finger knitting and facial hair disguises? Too cool!

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