Monday, 28 November 2011

Movember: Highlighting The Classic Actors With Moustaches :-D

Here's my contribution to the blogathon I'm hosting, "Classic Moustaches For Movember" in support on Movember which raises money for Man-Cancer charities. Don't forget, there are still a couple of days left for you to participate! Just visit my original post about it here.

Before you read my post, please go and donate here for the UK and here for the US, or you could buy yourself a debonaire pair of these more than fantabulous TOMS created for Movember and chuckle to yourself over your amazing moustache-footwear,
or perhaps bag one of these amazing T-Shirts.

I'm jealous. My Dad even grew a moustache for Movember this year!

There have been posts before about classic moustaches, namely Kate-Gabrielle's "Is That Moustache Really Necessary?" posts, but I've chosen three of my favourite actors who proudly sported 'taches:

Clark Gable

Clark gable is often chosen to epitomise the "Man of The Golden Age Of Hollywood" and guess what, he probably has just about the most famous moustache ever in the world of anything. He just had to have that mustache. Close your eyes and think of him without it... Yes... Keep going... Now, open your eyes and look at this!

Ahh!!!! It's not even that it's awful... Just a little weird... But come on. Even his slightly-greying moustache in Teacher's Pet (1958) is quite intriguing... Who doesn't think of Clark Gable saying "Frankly my dear... I don't GIVE a damn," with that charming facial hair when they hear, "Moustache" he just is the moustache man. too darn amazing.

William Powell

William Powell. The man of the fabulous The Thin Man series (just a little obsessed... Have the entire collection box-set and am convinced that Myrna Loy and William Powell were actually a married couple) was never seen without his little sophisticate-moustache. 

Just think about it, would he have made such a fantastic Godfrey or Nick Charles without said facial hair? I don't think so. And he was just so snazzy and hilarious that he could totally rock the moustache look. William Powell wins at the moustache game, even if it isn't quite long enough to twiddle.

Charlie Chaplin

Now, I can imagine that Charlie Chaplin's mustache may have gathered some controversy over the years, I mean it does share a remarkable resemblance with the infamous Fascist-dictator of the thirties, but I like that he took this to his advantage and came up with what is essentially a badly-disguised movie-parody of said dictator, named, The Great Dictator (1940). But before his antic in the world of facial hair could even come into question, he managed to create one of the most famous images in the cinematic world, ever. "The Tramp". His little suit, hat and moustache. It's iconic and his moustache plays a large part in that. LOVE CHARLIE CHAPLIN!



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