Saturday, 3 December 2011

I'm On Tumblr Guys!

I've been pondering joining this site for just about a year, and I finally took the plunge. There's a huge classic movie community on there and it looks so fun! So if you have Tumblr or just want to see it, head on over and take a look at my page {please follow too, I haven't got any yet :-S}! My username is notajellybean. It comes from this great F. Scot Fitzgerald quote:

By the way, other bloggers join Tumblr! We could create an influx of Classic Movie Bloggers/Tumblrs! Ok. I'm off to go "Tumble" {is that what you say?}



Libby said...

I was talking to my mum about Tumblr earlier. "It's a total timesuck but in the best way. I don't dare make an account though because I kind of like fresh air."
I cannot manage my time so I'm going to waste even more of it looking at your tumblr, okay?

StanwyckFan said...

Oh! Yay! I just Tumblr-followed you, I just got mine this week too.

Craig Wingard said...

I am not following you!

My username is blamemameblog (original huh?)

Kendra said...

You can find my tumblr here :)


Kendra said...

oops! I meant <a href="</a>HERE</a>

MovieNut14 said...

Awesome! Say goodbye to your social life however. Here's mine:

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