Thursday, 15 December 2011

I've Hit 100!

Oh. My. God. I saw this right before I went to school this morning (for my last day of term!) and it made my day. Thank you so much people!!! I still can't believe this blog has so many followers.

So into the tripple digited blog follower figures I plunge. Thank you all so, so much for following, commenting, and reading my little blog. Glad you've put up with my craziness so long and I hope you stick around... I like you guys. Lots.

Obviously blog follower numbers change, and there's always the possibility it will go below 100 again, bit this is a post to say that I actually made it there. Finally. So, I thought that to celebrate hitting the tripple digits, I would set up a new page/feature/post...


Just kidding. You readers are all totally amazing and are surely made of unicorns and rainbows and pandas. You all make my day just by looking at my blog. THANKS CHUMS! So, I thought I'd set up a "question time" page/post with questions contributed by you! You can ask me pretty much anything, and it doesn't have to be classic movie related (but be polite, I'm only and innocent teenager) and you can either leave it on a comment on this post or email it to me at (yes, worst address ever). The final date you can submit anything is the 15th January, so you've got about a month. I'll select my favourites and add them to a "question time" post/page. Think it sounds like a good idea? Should be fun :-D



Page said...

Congrats Bette! Well deserved and I have no doubt that you'll be at 200 followers in no time.

VP81955 said...

Congrats on the milestone, from someone who just became #101.

StanwyckFan said...

Congrats!! I love reading your blog, Bette!! Keep up the good work. :D

classyfilmlover said...

The big 1-0-0 milestone - WOW! Your blog's success is well deserved. Congrats! Looking forward to reading more of your posts on the classics!

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