Sunday, 29 April 2012

Actresses That Inspire Me

As an aspiring actress, when I watch films I do think about the way the actress is doing things and how they convey emotions. Overall there are three that really inspire me as performers and every time I watch them I make a kind of mental log of how excellent the performance was and why all that jazz. These three actresses are Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Bette Davis.

Katharine Hepburn

One of the reasons I find Katharine Hepburn such an outstanding actress is her way of conveying things. She was an immensely intelligent woman who studied each part she played thoroughly. She has a unique way of showing her emotions and her intentions which have prompted some fans and critics to label her as an eccentric. I think that there's a great deal more to her brilliance than that. It's a kind of emotion that only comes from someone who is deeply immersed in their character. Actually, all my actresses on this list have a similar quality. I don't know. There are kind of no words to describe why or how much I admire this crazy and talented woman, then there's her love that she shows for Spencer Tracy in her movies - god don't even get me started on that. My favourite two performances of her's are The Philadelphia Story (1940) and The Lion In Winter (1968).

Ingrid Bergman

In a way she is the most inspirational actress to me on this list. When she got a part she would go and get experience in what would have happened to the character. Not in a method actor way, but in way that shows that she wants a thorough understanding of his character's personality. Another thing that I find wonderful about her, probably the thing that I most aspire to be is how free she is in her portrayals. She is unlike any other actress I've come across. A perfect word to use to describe the way she plays her characters is fearless. She totally embodies her characters. My favourite Ingrid Bergman film, favourite Hitchcock and one of my overall favourite films is Notorious (1946) co-starring Cary Grant. Y they no have flawless babies? Anyway, even in this and every single film of hers she is in some way likeable or at least approachable. She always has an aura about her that is totally magnetic. Her presence is incredible. In some ways I don't think that's something you can learn.

Bette Davis

Bette Davis was responsible for introducing me to classic hollywood (well, it was my parents but I became interested because of Bette's movies). Although she may not still be my tip-top favourite star/actress I still think that she is one of if not the greatest screen actress ever. With Bette Davis, it isn't so much the intellectual and emotional wonders of the greatness that is Hepburn, or the free, natural raw emotion of Bergman, but a different kind of talent. Bette Davis for me always is her character. She is a wonderfully talented actress and she has a way of making characters come to life with her sheer energy and commitment. There will never quite be anyone like her.

Anyway they are my views on these extraordinary actresses and why they make such an impact on me. Hope you enjoyed!



KimWilson said...

All 3 great choices--just think of all the Oscar nominations and wins for these women: 30 noms/9 wins.

Kristian said...

I love all three women though Hepburn, I think, is my favorite...I am just starting to really look at Davispictures. she is always talked about as being so hard, but I find her portrayals you said energetic and rather honest ( of course what I mostly remember is All About Eve...)

Paul said...

I agree with tour outstanding choices, and I don't think that an aspiring actress could have better actress to set as role models. If only women today could be as amazing as these three. When they are on the screen, there is no where to look except at them. It's a good thing they didn't act together.

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