Thursday, 19 April 2012

Because Half Of You Don't Know Me

I was realising the other day how many new followers I've got recently and how I haven't ever done an introduction except my first post and about page... Ooops! So half of you probably don't even really know who I am so I thought that finally the day must come when you realize that yes, I am actually a mole that lives in a little mound and has only some old movies for company and a laptop so he decided to go into the world via the world wide interweb. That was a lie. I'm still a teenage Brit with a penchant for old movies. Disappointed? Thought so.

Anyway, here's a little about me for all of you who don't know the epic ninja that is me. (If you read this blog you've probably learned to deal with sarcasm.)

Teenager, a British hazelnut-haired, green-eyed gal apt to talk 'till the cows come home. Lover of classic film, acting, writing, sailing, singing and various-musical-instrument playing. Classic film is awesome, and Cary Grant is cooler than us all. Clever dramas, film noirs, Hitchcock, Tracy/Hepburn, Technicolour musicals + wordy and screwball comedies. All About EveSabrinaThe Philadelphia Storyall the Thin Man films and The Talk Of The Town fan.

{that's not me. I wish lololol.}

I'm a teenager, though sometimes I feel like I'm really not a teenage and sometimes I feel so teenager.

I adore classic film (hence the on de blog), acting (taking Drama GCSE) and music (again, taking the GCSE). I am currently studying my GCSEs. When I'm not wandering the interweb like a little lost soul, I can be found in my school drama studio rehearsing for something, playing one of my instruments, homeworking (creys) or if you're lucky you might catch me sailing my single-handed dinghy (:-0).

My favourite movie is The Philadelphia Story. I cry a lot because of classic film perfection and these movies; Random Harvest, It's A Wonderful Life, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and Roman Holiday.

Me and technology have a complicated relationship. I love it in some ways, but I think it hates me too much to let me love it. Then everything crashes and I'm like,

{my gif}

My favourite actresses are Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Myrna Loy and Greer Garson.

Cary Grant is my husband. Undisputed truth.

I love the work of Alfred Hitchcock, William Wyler, Billy Wilder, George Cukor and Neil Simon.

When I grow up I'd quite like to be Katharine Hepburn and Joni Mitchell, roam around a big city in dungarees and live in a little apartment with window boxes to put tomatoes and flowers in. It's been nice meeting you.

Hope you get more of an idea of what I'm like now followers!



whistlingypsy said...

Hi Bette, it is very nice to meet you. I share your interest in and passion for classic films and music, although I can't play a note of music. I also have an ambivalent relationship with technology, but I don't care how IT feels about me. I think you'll find many females (and I imagine a few males) dispute your claim to be Cary Grant's wife, but I'm not one of them. My heart belongs to Ray Milland and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. but I can be a bit unfaithful with a few others on my list. Take care, and thanks again for introducing yourself.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Well it seems I came here at perfect timing. ;)

You have no idea how refreshing it is to come across a teenager who LOVES classic movies. I often feature classic/retro film reviews on my blog and I can't even count how many times a teenage girl has commented "Never seen this movie! I don't like to watch movies made before 2000!" Ummmm. I die a little inside when that happens. (So, in other words, I'm like a zombie now or something).

Looking forward to more of your posts. :)

Natalie said...

Haha! Bette, I love this!

VP81955 said...

Thanks for keeping lit the flame of classic Hollywood!

Libby said...

So obviously since I know you as a real person, I know you. Redundant sentence much?
But anyway, yes to Joni Mitchell and window boxes.

Amanda said...

Hi Bette :) Nice meeting you !
It's relieving to see young people who love old movies!
* I was starting to feel like a weirdo in my class where James Stewart doesn't ring a bell to anyone :x *

We have such similar tastes :D I have a poster of the Philadelphia Story
( Btw that first picture of Kate Hep is beautiful *O*)

I'm hoping to read some other post soon !!
Take care

Karen said...

It's a pleasure to meet you, Bette! I was once a classic movie-loving teenager myself! (I don't really remember those days, but I was, really I was!) Looking forward to reading your stuff!

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