Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Those Times Kate Hepburn Is Awesomespice (All The Time)

Sometimes I read a story or watch a new movie of one of my favourite stars and it just reminds me why I love them all over again and I go into obsessive mode again. The other day I watched Break Of Hearts (1935) with Katharine Hepburn and Charles Boyer. It wasn't a fantastic movie but I love the stars and I saw a gifset from it where Kate looked like such a little baby (she was 28 but for me this is still Kate's baby stage) and it reminded me why I love her acting so much.

{Source - she's so adorable there}

She inspires me so much as a performer. If I had to pick three actresses that inspire me as a performer it'd have to be Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Ingrid Bergman - funnily enough the top three female AFI screen legends. Each of them in a different way inspires me.

But another thing that reminded me was a story I read which was added to a post of Tumblr (it was added by katharinehoughtonhepburn which is run by hollywoodhepcat). It told of when Katharine Hepburn and Robert Taylor worked together on the film noir, Undercurrent (1946). Now, this was surely a match made in hell. Robert Taylor was a super republican who reportedly gave names to McCarthy in the Hollywood witch-hunts of the 40s and 50s. A member of the HUAC (house of un-American activities committee - anti-communist organisation that blacklisted and ruined the careers of many people in Hollywood), only a few moments working on the film together, he was angering Hepburn by using derogatory terms to communists and other groups of people considered by him, "Un-American". Well, Katharine Hepburn was one of the most liberal people in hollywood and she became so angry that she got up onto the stage and gava a speech against it while, (to quote hollywoodhepcat's addition), "Meanwhile, Chaplin of the Little Tramp variety loomed in the background, passing out flyers."

I don't always agree with my favourite star's political views (I saw an interview with John Wayne that really made me see him in a new light the other day) so it's people like Katharine Hepburn that I really admire.

I don't think I'll ever find a better non-family role model than Katharine Hepburn. She is everything I aspire to be; independent, successful, intelligent, opinionated, creative, talented and by all accounts a wonderful person (if she liked you!). I also found out today that I've seen 22 of her movies! That's the most I've seen of any actor or actress. Not all of them have been perfect, but I've enjoyed them all.

I wrote before about Katharine Hepburn's inspiring autobiography and after watching a new film of hers and hearing that story, I have to say that I want to drop everything and read that damn epic book again. Although that'll probably have to wait a little while, I still am probably gonna be on even more of a Kate Hepburn kick. When am I not? She's excellent. If you don't admire her ninja skills, well...

How about you? Do you like Katharine Hepburn and do you find yourself always coming back to your favourite star after seeing something amazing they've done?



silverscreenings said...

I admit I'm rather lukewarm about Hepburn, even though she was incredibly talented. Fave Hepburn movies are "Adam's Rib" and "The African Queen".

Rianna said...

I'm going through a Kate cycle right now, too. :) I've seen two of her movies this week & plan to see two more this weekend; I counted and by the end of this week I'll have seen 23 Kate movies. I think that's the most I've seen of any actress, too! And I know what you mean by coming back to your favorite star and realizing how awesome they are all over again!

Caftan Woman said...

Katharine Hepburn is an actress I have admired for years, and rewatching her films only makes me more appreciative of her ability. Whether it's "Holiday" or "Bringing Up Baby" or "Adam's Rib" or "Long Day's Journey Into Night" or ... well, you get the picture. She's a fascinatingly versatile actress.

KimWilson said...

Hepburn was a great actress, but she could be a difficult person.

Amandine said...

I've seen 22 of her movies so far and I want to see Break of Hearts as soon as I can :D I just received her autobiography by the mail today and can't wait to start it !

It's true she could be a real pain if she didn't like you though X)

Oh, I've heard of that speech she made against Mc Carthy . It was the only time she "got political".

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