Monday, 21 May 2012

Pick Yourself Up


There's been a whole load of rubbish viruses around at the moment and everyone seems more than a little bit down in the dumps! I've also read of people over-seas that are hungering for some sunshine or just TO STOP FEELING LIKE A LARGE DINOSAUR HAS TAKEN HOLD OF THEIR SINUSES!?!?! Jeez. Viruses have a little respect, we have lives! Sorry if you don't, go hang with some bacteria. Or maybe you've been feeling a bit on the edge. Literally, I think this is the GIF that best sums up my life ever.
So I thought I'd compile a little list of things that might cheer up you classic movie lovers :-D. Follow all these steps and have a party! Prepare to be uplifted - but contrary to popular belief I am not Barbara Stanwyck's Miracle Woman or Miracle Max of The Princess Bride fame so don't expect miracles but expect your cold to be cured, but your soul might feel better lol.

1. Watch A Comedy

You know, some wordy cynical comedy in which the leads go from downhearted people to happy people (The Goodbye Girl anyone?) Or maybe just something so funny you fall off your chair (The Odd Couple) or... A SCREWBALL COMEDY?! I would always go for The Philadelphia Story or The Thin Man but Bringing Up Baby's a pretty good choice, too. Comedies always cheer you up and they can just make you feel that little bit better about feeling down, just a tip, pick one you know and like! Comedies are personal, you don't want to end up with one you didn't really want to watch.

2. Listen to some power songs!

My personal two favourite songs for this are "I'm The Greatest Star" sung by Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl and (although this won't work for men), "I Hate Men" from Kiss Me Kate. They're two great ones. You know that just turning up the speakers or the headphones and blasting one of your favourites out i gonna cheer you up at least a little :-D Funny story, I go on a schoolbus each morning and when I sit with my year 9 posse - they're all making racist/homophobic/sexist jokes and I'm just like - "Putting on some Fred Astaire." and start playing "I'm Fancy Free" on my ipod. I took it a step further today though when I played the 1940 broadcast of The Philadelphia Story and instead of any music I just had Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn's voices echoing in my ears. Luvley <3

3. Read About Your Favourite Star

If I'm; Down, Ill, Losing Faith In Humanity, or All Of The Above - then I have to admit, reading Katharine Hepburn's "Me: Stories Of My Life" is quite the pick me up. It's something about reading writing from someone who I identify with so much and admire that actually manages to restore my will to live after some physics or 13 year old boys on my bus saying that a motorbike riding woman is wrong. I did completely own one of said boys a while ago -
*Reading Romeo and Juliet audition script*
Him: What you reading?
Me: My Romeo and Juliet audition script.
Him: Romeo and Juliet's gay.
Me: Actually, just to clarify, it's about a man and a woman who fall in love so in case you were confused it's not gay.
Him: Yeah, but Shakespeare just writes about blood and sex and violence and stuff.
Me: I thought you would have liked that.
Him: Yeah, but he uses too many long words.
Me: *kills self*
Anyway, yes. READ! It's really nice to find out a little about your fave, it's like you're getting to know them :-D I'm actually thinking of using an amazon voucher to get a paperbook copy of "Me" so I can take it places...

4. Watch a Romantic/Beautiful film.

I'm thinking I'd go for something like Notorious, Roman Holiday or Funny Face. It'll just make you feel better. You: "Pretty... CARY GRANT MARRY ME." Legit. This will happen.

5. Watch a movie from your favourite actor/actress.
Or, if you'e favourite actor was ninja, watch one with both! I'm going for The Philadelphia Story on that front. Second choice might be Charade or Libeled Lady. That's a good end to the party.





Rianna said...

I loved this post, it was so much fun :D Your story in #2 reminded me of the other day in which I was on the subway with my class on our way to a field trip. I was listening to Barbra Striesand on my iPod and my friend yanked out one of my earbuds to hear what I was listening to, and when she heard it, she pulled it out and wrinkled her nose with a, "Okay, you enjoy that."

Oh, well. I found a t-shirt with Lucy's face on it at the museum we went to, so it made up for my clueless classmates. ;) Anyways I think #6 is my favorite though. (:

Meredith said...

This makes me smile. :) As does Cary Grant's face. haha.

Margaret Perry said...

I love how much Katharine Hepburn is in this post!!! I am actually sitting with "Me: Stories of My Life" on the coffee table right next to me. It's pretty much my favorite because it's just like having KH talk at you (and I do mean AT)! And I love the moving pisture thing (what do you call those?) of that "look" from Holiday! Classic KH sass!

ReelHollywoodLegends said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! What a wonderful blog you have here! I came across it today for the first time. You have done a terrific job and this was a great post......this was the perfect pick me up that my day needed!!!

silverscreenings said...

This is an excellent prescription.

Cinetorrentz said...

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