Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Allergic To Your Stupidity.

my graphic, still from Without Love, 1945

Because I felt this was needed on the internet.



Margaret Perry said...

OMG!!! you just totally made my day!!!! I had this pictures as a poster in my dorm room a couple semesters ago and nobody understood why it was funny so i had to have a party where we watched WITHOUT LOVE! My favorite part of that movie is when Spencer Tracy accidentally sleepwalks into KH's bed when she's getting a glass of water and when she comes back and sees him there she makes this funny yelp and does a sort of unintentional backflip off the bed! May I repost this on my blog - it's just so perfect!

silverscreenings said...

Definitely needed on the internet!! Great photo. Thanks for posting!

Martin Turnbull (the Garden of Allah novels) said...


Funny Firm said...

great picture. quite funny!!!!

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