Friday, 3 August 2012

Favourite Quotes - Sabrina

I can never quite express in words how wonderful Sabrina is. Audrey Hepburn is perfect as Sabrina fairchild and Billy Wilder's script is genius - not to even start to talk about Humphrey Bogart's sensitive and against-type performance as Linus Larrabee.



cinemarion said...

I agree with you that Audrey Hepburn is great as Sabrina!And this quote is one of the best from the movie!

Kristian said...

I love Hepburn in this, but now always wonder what if Becall had been given the roll as Bogart lobbied for?

Alyssa LM said...

so many great lines from this film - great choice. i think this film was perfectly cast who else could play sabrina and i really like bogart in this movie.

silverscreenings said...

Hepburn is as cute as a button in this movie. I love William Holden's over-the-top character too.

Kate Gorman said...

Love Audrey Hepburn in this film, wonderful! :D xx

Elizabeth B said...

I love William Holden.... have you seen "Dear Ruth," (1947) Bette? You should see it, it's one of my top favorite comedies ever!

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