Friday, 3 August 2012

Liebster Blog Award (That Is How You Spell It...)

Hey guys! I'm coming out of my Internet absence to tell you I was tagged by the wonderful Rianna of Frankly My Dear whom I'm sure you all know (I'd link back but I'm on blogger mobile which is probably the most strange thing I've ever used in my life...). So I think I have to give you 11 facts about myself and then answer Rianna's either or questions. Well anyway that's what you're gonna get so I hope that's right. Here you go guys!

Facts About Me:
1. I'm playing the role of Juliet in a production of Romeo And Juliet in October and I'm very, very exited :-D
2. I watched Wuthering Heights (1939) again the other day and remembered how much I love it! PENISTONE CRAG!
3. I have green eyes...
4. I have really narrow feet and whenever I buy sandals I have to make extra holes in the straps to make sure they stay on. (You may note this as one of the most useless pieces of information you will hear in your life.)
5. I study Latin for my GCSEs. It's a dead language. Yeah. Etslay opstay alkingtay about histay. Istay is a assiclay oviemay ogblay.
6. Upon reccomendation from my drama teacher I've recently started taking jazz dance masterclass/fitness classes. I've never danced before. It's helped free up my movement for physical theatre but seriously... I'm dead by the end and then they start propelling themselves into the air like rabbits and I'm like, "JAZZ HANDS!"
7. I've seen 26 Katharine Hepburn films.
8. I REALLY want the Ingrid Bergman Swedish film boxed set! Alas, my last penny was spent on her autobiography... Anyone out there who loves me, I'll pay for it in cookies.
9. I love F Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books. I also like the 70s Robert Redford adaptation and I'm already angry with Baz Luhrrman's new adaptation. Kanye West soundtrack. Good god.
10. I love Lemon flavoured deserts like tart au citron and lemon pie... Yum.
11. I'm currently in the process of pestering my English teacher to chose To Kill A Mockingbird as our year 11 study book. I love it :-D

Rianna's 11 Questions (Also titled: Rianna you are evil):
1. Ingrid Bergman or Greta Garbo? Da Bergman obvs.
2. Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney? James Cagney by a millimetre.
3. Julie Andrews or Judy Garland? no comment.
4. Cary Grant or Clark Gable? Cary Grant! No competition.
5. Deborah Kerr or Greer Garson? Greer Garson mainly because I've seen more of her films, I love Deborah, too!
6. Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire? FRED ASTAIRE!
7. Ava Gardner or Lana Turner? I don't think I've seen enough of either to answer this one.
8. Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power? Errol Flynn.
9. Myrna Loy or Carole Lombard? Minnie of course!
10. Montgomery Clift or James Dean? Ugh. At a push I'd pick James Dean, not a fan of either to be honest (even if they were gorgeous.)
11. Katharine Hepburn or Bette Davis? Rianna, this question was made specifically to torture me wasn't it? Damn you. Well, K Hep is one of my true role models and I love her acting so even though I adore Bette Davis, because Kate is so amazing and exceptional as a person as well as an actress I have to go Kate.

My 11 Tagees:
I don't want to tag 11 people, I couldn't choose who to tag! So anyone who wants to do this, do it! It's fun and I love all the people I follow and who follow me, too. So have fun with it :-D

My 11 Questions:
1. Have you ever come into contact with a classic movie star/one of their relatives?
2. Favourite Hollywood on/off screen couple?
3. Do you ever find yourself thinking in a swedish accent after watching an Ingrid Bergman or Greta Garbo film? (this is more to make sure I'm not crazy)
4. Do you play an instrument?
5. How many Old Hollywood books do you own?
6. How many films have you seen your favourite actor/actress in?
7. Favourite Hitchcock?
8. Favourite old Hollywood friendship?
9. Now for the real hard one... Best pair of old Hollywood eyebrows?
10. Person you aspire to be like?
11. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

So yeah, my questions sound like questions you'd take in a personality test when you were 8. Anyway, there you go! Thanks for tagging Rianna, you're a real pal (if you got that Singing In The Rain reference I love you... "thanks Zelda you're a real pal.")

P.S. hope you're all having a great time and are enjoying the clips and photos I set up :-D


Rianna said...

I think you deserve another word for using Blogger mobile, which confuses the hell out of me. lol. Definitely get the Ingrid Swedish set when you have enough money, I mean its incredible, Ingrid's so young, she's adorable. (Also, you got Journey to Italy, right? I watched that like a month ago. When you're back from your Internet absence tell me what you think of it.) And hahahah, yes, my EVIL list. I don't really care for method acting either, I like Montgomery Clft but I just really can't stand James Dean though they were both gorgeous. And #11. THE CRUELTY. Lol. :DD Vell anyways thanks for doing the tag and I guess I'll stop writing because this comment is getting too long. Have fun on your vacation!

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