Thursday, 6 September 2012

Greer Garson's Technicolor Screentest For Blossoms In The Dust (1941)

Greer Garson appears in Technicolor for the first time in her screen test for Blossoms In The Dust (1941).

I think there should have been a law created when this screen test came out that no Greer Garson film was ever to be made in black and white - only Technicolor for this redhead! She looks so perfect in Technicolor and her performance in 1941's Blossoms In The Dust is no less than mind-blowing. She had conveyed such emotion in her previous films, and this screentest just proves that she can make the same effect in glorious Technicolor. I got hold of this footage on my Warner Brothers DVD copy of The Shop Around The Corner in a documentary named "A New Romance Of Celluloid: The Miracle Of Sound". So if you already own this fabulous James Stewart and Maureen Sullivan movie, The Shop Around The Corner, take a look on the special features menu and watch this interesting documentary voiced by Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy and catch a glimpse of this stunning screen test.



Emma said...

She is soo beautiful and elegant!!! This makes me want red hair, I wish this shade would become popular again.

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