Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Private Lives (1942) Starring Cary Grant and Greer Garson!

[This poster was made by me, this film never actually happened, the picture is from the rehearsals for a radio show they did together. As much as it breaks my heart, they never made a film together. Just in case I was unclear :-D]

It's always been a complete mystery to me how Greer Garson and Cary Grant never worked together. Two of the best voices in Hollywood - both British and both gorgeous. How did this never happen? As you can see they were in a radio play together (alas, just "Bed-Time Stories") but they never made a film. They would have been perfectly suited to Noel Coward's Private Lives. I'm thinking we could have George Cukor directing it. Yes, good.

How wonderful would Greer Garson have been as the fiery and lively Amanda? I can see her smashing records over Cary Grant's head. She would breeze through her dialogue with all the right intenation and everything. Not to mention the fact that Greer Garson was in a play directed by Noel Coward when she was young, and he adored her, so no problems with casting there! Well, actually in the initial audition he said she was "Too mannered, too tall and over-annunciates her words," but he then said, "But that HAIR will set fire to every one of my lines!" Also - we could have her singing "Someday I'll Find You (Moonlight Behind You)". THERE ARE NO DOWNSIDES TO THIS PLAN.

Of course Cary Grant is perfection as Elliot. He can be the right mixture of a little nervous, romantic and over-sensitive. I can see him now saying the lines "Oh stop it, you know you adore being made love to!" and screaming "SOLOCHS!"

Can you imagine what he and Greer Garson would have looked like on screen together? They would have lit up the screen. I was debating whether to have this filmed in Technicolour or black and white, but in the end I thought it would be best in colour (yes, this decision was reached mainly because I wanted to show off Greer's hair).

They would have honestly been the best pairing ever. I was actually getting extremely frustrated about the fact that this perfect film never existed. There is simply one solution - I have to go make friends with The Doctor and hitch a ride in his TARDIS. Problem is, I'd probably just want to be in the film with Cary Grant myself - sorry, Greer!



Emma said...

I listened to this a couple of days ago as my usual method to get to sleep. I had seen the original movie with Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery and loved it. I found Cary and Greer to be perfect together, Greer has such a clear, wonderful voice that comes off well on the radio. This radio show proves something else as well, that in whatever situation, Noel Coward plays are always entertaining.

Sophie said...

I need to know where to get this! I have only known about Greer for three months but I have become totally and utterly obsessed!

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